Thursday, January 31, 2008

DC Spotlight #1 (1985)

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The links just keep on coming! After seeing Rob's spotlight on DC Spotlight at The Aquaman Shrine, I felt I ought to supply him with an Aquaman related interior page at The Idol-Head of Diabolu! However, there was more to this special than just a Kirby piece, so I'll carry on right here.


Now, Rob makes reference to the DC Sampler in his post, of which I once owned the first from 1983. It was totally a window into a another universe, especially as convenience stores were almost totally Marvel product by then. How could I not be awed at splash pages of oddities like Amethyst and Atari Force? Who exactly was the All-Star Squadron, and why were their brains being drained? Was the letter "A" to DC as "X" was to Marvel? Classic! I think I sold this treasured gem for $0.20 back in my shop days, though it was barely still a solid by that point.

Sadly, '85's "Spotlight" went the Marvel Age/Amazing Heroes route, eschewing those big beautiful ads in favor of random excerpts from the comics and lots of dull editorial text. Well, okay... the Watchmen pin-up was pretty nifty. Is this a common illo or no?


rob! said...

wow, cool-o frank! i think you just saved me $50 on ebay. thanks!!

2 unrrelated things i noticed:

--Ozymandias looks much more evil than he would in the series(perhaps not wanting to give it away?)

--does Harbringer on the back cover look unbearably sexy, or is just me?

Diabolu Frank said...

Dude, it's Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez! Even Hex looks kinda hot.

Speaking of uncomfortable visions of masculinity, I was too busy really really hoping those were Dr. Manhattan's ankles to notice Ozy...


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