Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1974 Mego Marvel Ad: Falcon, Hulk, Green Goblin & the Lizard

Okay, my last job was on the darker shade of town, with the majority of my co-workers being of the more burnt sienna persuasion. However, I was kind of wrapped up in finding a Valentine, and after choosing a perfect opportunity to quit said job prior to doing so, concerned about figuring out how to pay rent this month. Nevermind the $200 from my car getting towed. However, I've again stumbled upon gainful employment, wherein I listened to the "urban" station all day, and finally realized it's Black History Month! For, like, 11 more days, thanks to leap year! Why, every four years, ya'll are that much closer to 40 acres and mule! But let's just wait until after Obama gets elected before words like "restitution" start slipping out, shall we? In the meantime, I'll assuage my liberal white guilt with some mad props to the Falcon, ya'll! And since for most of its existence DC Comics has not cared about black people, let's set the Wayback Machine to Marvel Comics licensing circa 1974. Was this the first African-American super-hero action figure? If anyone knows, speak up! The Falcon by John Romita is arguably the best looking figure on this page, and he made the same assortment as the first Incredible Hulk toy? Not too shabby...

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