Friday, February 29, 2008

1985 Mayfair Games DC Heroes Role Playing Game Ad

Still overworked and underpaid, and still passing my lack of time and energy unto... nurgh... I'm avoiding encrouching on Rob's territory at Coming... Super-Attractions!, which seems to be exclusively pre-90's DC house ads. Marvel seems to be fair game, and so I think should Mayfair Games advertising. I always dug this shot of the iconic Batman, the blue flamer Firestorm and... Kalibak? The fuck?* Super Powers in the only explaination I have for that one, but the ad caught my attention without the tie-in. I'm proud that I got through most of my life without getting suckered into RPGs, at least until a customer at my comic shop used Overpower as a gateway to the most tedious form of fandom. One of my formerly young charges recently applauded my gamemaster skills from the 3-6 months we had a group going, after I made disparaging comments about myself and that whole dirty business. Today, he's pushing thirty and just proposed to his future wife. Time, time, time-- see what's become of me.

*If I do get into Rob territory, rest assured I will differentiate by using terms like "snatch" and "felch," because part of the point of ...nurgh... is getting to work blue. You don't know how many times I've wanted to drop the f-bomb at the resolutely PG-rated Idol-Head of Diabolu. This blog smells like something that really needs to be bleached and laundered.


Damian said...

I've never played this game, but I still want to know how Batman goes toe-to-toe with Supes for long periods of time.
I know this occurs. I must find out!

Anyway, I was actually kind of hoping this could be a place to come and drop some cussing.

I just don't want to end up like Bob Saget over at the titan.

You know, cursing non-stop. And not funny.

Frank Lee Delano said...

Saget was the best comic on "The Aristocrats," but I haven't seen his stand-up. Your mention reminded me more of when Howie Mandell tried to replicate Eddie Murphy's act. It made me long to see him die from an aneurysm with a latex glove over his head.

My group never made it to World's Finest level characters, and were I a more cruel GM, I'd have punished them for blowing all their points on physical attributes. Instead, I mostly made up new foes for them, especially after one almost killed Rainbow Raider with one punch. His Catastrophic Irrational Attraction to Seeking Justice would have then ended his career.

I don't see how Batman could last long against Superman. Per the 1993 stats, Superman has only one point less intellect, swamps Batman in all other ways, and even has 50 more hero points.


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