Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wednesday Is Any Day For All I Care #37

Absolution #0
Chew #1
Superman #689

Absolution #0 (Avatar, 2009, $1.99)
Oh look, another dark, edgy superhero who crosses the line. It must still be 1989. Hell, even the art of Roberto Viacava recalls the period, with influences including Steve Lightle, Dusty Abell, Brian Talbot, and maybe a little Bob McLeod. Still, his work with writer Christos Gage is solid for what it is, even if that's just about the zillionth post-Watchmen pastiche.

Chew #1 (Image, 2009, $2.99)
An interesting premise, a great gimmick, and some decent banter. John Layman's all about laying things out, but it's a satisfying first issue read. I'm not wild about Rob Guillory's art style, but that's more due to personal bias than any deficits in his ability. The storytelling is clear, and the marriage of words and pictures is about perfect.

Superman #689 (Dynamite, 2009, $2.99)
I've got a thing for international super-heroes, especially in a shared universe, so I figured I'd give this issue a try. The premise is that terminal Superman stand-in Mon-El is trying to improve his public relations with a world tour. The individual countries are given short shrift, about a page each, and offering only narrative captions at that. It was fun seeing obscurities like Freedom Beast and Iman again, but the presumably new creations fall flat. Also, I could have sworn Rising Sun was dead/crippled or something, and tongue-in-cheek giant robots stalking Japan were so very tired long ago. This feels like James Robinson in work-for-hire mode, while artist Renato Guedes suffers from excessive rendering over his once sleek style, which is either evolving or sabotaged by his inker. Finally, the subplots involving Guardian and Steel-- and come to think of it even Mon-El-- did not inspire a return visit.

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