Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Linkypeux for August 1-9th, 2009

John Henry gave his life against the Inky Poo to prove a man could overcome a machine. Frank Lee Delano fights a losing weekly battle against the internet, so that his sacrificed time might save your own.

Music Legends Revealed #17
Music of the Weak: The 100 Greatest Songs of the Millennium (So Far) - #70-61

Dellamorte's Box Office Wrap Up 8/7/09
For Your Eyes Only
Spielberg to remake Harvey
Green Lantern: First Flight review by TK
IFC's The 50 Greatest Trailers of All Time
Total Sci-Fi Online's The 100 Greatest Sci-Fi Movies
Sincerely, John Hughes
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra review by Brian Prisco
The Green Hornet keeps casting.
Movie Legends Revealed #17

TV Legends Revealed #17
Television Of The Weak: Hung Is Apparently Not Awful, According To Some Guy

Comic Books:
AICN Comics 8/5/09
Best Shots for 8-3-09(Newsarama)
The Buy Pile 8.6.09 by Hannibal Tabu
Comic Book Legends Revealed #219(CBR)
Comics Of The Weak: Particle Overdrive
Comic Speculators(This Is Why I Hate You)
James O'Barr/The Crow Panel(CBR)
Limited Collectors' Edition #C41 - Dec. 1975(Aquaman Shrine)

Permanent Damage 8/5/09 by Steven Grant

Blog Posts:
Black Hand Week 3: Black Hand's REAL power
Captain America Week! Day One

Celebrity Gossip:
Katherine Heigl is a Joy to Work With
Ryan O'Neal hit on Tatum - at Farrah's funeral

NUDITY (Not Safe For Work):
Jessica Alba Bikini Pictures are Back!(Egotastic!)
Christina Hendricks is Hotter Than Jessica Alba(The Superficial)
Christina Milian Cameltoe(Taxi Driver)
Vanessa Hudgens Naked Again(Digitally Enhanced)(Superior Gossip)
Jennifer Lopez in a bikini(The Superficial)

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