Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Linkydeux: 10.16-20.09

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Junk Drawer: the to remember fondly batch. (when is evil cool?)

Art & Photograpy
25 Magnificent Modern Day Movie Illustrations (My Modern Met)
25 Magnificent Modern Day Music Illustrations (My Modern Met)

5 Reasons It Sucks Being a Joss Whedon Fan (Cracked)

Dellamorte's Box Office Wrap Up 10/16/09 (CHUD)
Pick-A-Scare: A Highly Subjective Guide To The Best Horror Films Ever Made (Pajiba)
Five Horror Movies You Can Show Your Kids (Cinematical)
Black Dynamite review by Brian Prisco (Pajiba)
Where the Wild Things Arereview by Dustin Rowles (Pajiba)

Comic Books:
Jim Steranko Q&A @ Big Apple Comic-Con (CBR)
Justice League of America Monopoly – 1999 (Once Upon A Geek)
Justice League Detroit in upcoming “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths” DVD (Once Upon A Geek)

Comic Book Blogs:
Colección Super Amigos: Zatanna & other Liga de la Justicia de Detroit Mini-Comics (Justice League Detroit)
Jeepers Creepers: The Too-Small Eyes of a Convention Spider-Man (Heroes In My Closet)
JLA Plastic Plate (The Aquaman Shrine)
Blackest Night: Sugar & Spike (Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun!)
Diving into Deadpool (Every Day Is Like Wednesday)
More Fun Comics #79 - May 1942 (The Aquaman Shrine)

NUDITY (Not Safe For Work):
Unseen 1999 Dita Von Teese and Alley Baggett nude lesbian photos (The Superficial)
Lily Allen is topless again. Go figure. (The Superficial)
Hayden Panettiere nude plus side boob in I Love You Beth Cooper (Glam Crunch)


wiec? said...

excellent batch of links!

the 2 25 Magnificent Modern Day movie Illustrations links are fantastic.

among many other things.

Frank Lee Delano said...

Thank you! Adding a supplemental link post really helped smooth out the process, and hopefully I'll keep stumbling upon the goods. I love Polish movie posters and other esoteric interpretations of mainstream media, so those pages were right up my alley.


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