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Linkydeux 1.10.10

Whilst avoiding working on actual blog content and surfing the web, Frank Lee Delano struck upon the conception: what if I could surf the net in order to generate meaningless content? And so the Linkypeux was born, and it was good. Verily, 'twas too good, as its contents swelled, causing a strenuous effort to release. It was assured that a deuce must be dropped, a Linkydeux. There was sorrow amongst the land though, as genuine content suffered from the excess of deux accumulating in the bowels of the nurgh. So it was foretold, the time would come for a War of the Links, and only the fittest would survive...

Coverage will be slimming down hereabouts, as some sites just take too much time to read through for too little yield. If you enjoy these pages and haven't already bookmarked them, now would be the time...

  • Occasional Superheroine: I jumped onto former Acclaim and DC Comics editor Valerie D'Orazio's blog about the same time as everyone else-- when Lying In The Gutters brought the behind the scenes shenanigans, emotional trauma, and broken hoo-hahs within to everyone's attention. Though I had a heart full of sympathy, I didn't become a regular follower until some months later. By then, D'Orazio had become an industry celebrity as a firebrand against misanthropy in the comics industry. I'm all for that, as she railed against grab-ass editors, maimed super-heroines, hentai influencing Marvel cover artists, and so on. She also had quite the mad-on for DC under Dan DiDio, a time when it became and remains a "creative" shithole with its head shoved squarely up the 90s.

    However, it didn't take me long to realize many of D'Orazio's views were uncomfortably narrow, and the only dialogue she offered was usually directed against completely out-of-bounds trolls or toward her growing cult of personality. Still, all the gender politic made me feel guilty as a white male for wanting to drop her blog, and she still offered a feminine perspective on the industry.

    As time went on, the blog morphed many times. D'Orazio tried to create her own little CBR/Newsarama, and was prone to drama queen antics where she'd pull pseudo-Garbo emotional exiles. She began to rein it in when she was handed presidency of the Friends of Lulu, and more noticeably, when Marvel began taking her writing samples seriously. She got herself a boyfriend, which seemed to clear up some of her less healthy stances on relationships/sexuality, though it did nothing to hold down the personal plugs.

    Today, the blog has become fairly non-confrontational and insubstantial, excepting occasional lectures on marketing, astrology, tarot, and college dorm pothead conspiratorial over-analysis about ephemera. I read other female bloggers now, who are both more connected to the areas of the medium I find interesting, and offer genuine insights, as opposed to soft-peddled cattiness. This Linkydeux features the first link to D'Orazio's blog in some time, and the closest thing to why I read her blog in the first place, but too little and too late to keep her on the rolls. Besides, honestly, she's gotten on my nerves so many times I shifted some of my sympathy back DiDio's way, and that's just unforgivable.


5 Things: from the junk drawer. (the TV and fashion tip batch) (when is evil cool?)

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Comic Books:
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Comic Book Reviews:
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Comic Book Blogs:
More Fun Comics #91 - May 1943 (The Aquaman Shrine)
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NUDITY (Not Safe For Work):
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