Friday, February 26, 2010

The Linkypeux for February 19-25th, 2010

John Henry gave his life against the Inky Poo to prove a man could overcome a machine. Frank Lee Delano fights a losing weekly battle against the internet, so that his sacrificed time might save your own.


The 6 Most Sadistic Dishes From Around The World (Cracked)
The Evolution Of Famous Company Logos (Damn Cool Photography)
The 14 Freakiest Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Pop Crunch)

Art & Photograpy
Sexy Live Action Disney Princesses (Damn Cool Photography)
Gothic Disney Characters (Ned Hardy)

The End of Food by Paul Roberts reviewed (Pajiba)

Logo Fails (Damn Cool Photography)
The Best of 404 Error Pages (Damn Cool Photography)
From a 1995 Newsweek article: Why the internet will fail (Three Word Chant!)

Denmark Introduces Harrowing New Tourism Ads Directed By Lars Von Trier

T-Shirt War

Health care reform: A simple explanation, updated (PolitiFact)
Reid says Republicans have used reconciliation more than Democrats (PolitiFact)

P.S. If you have trouble with the nudity, you don't get the goddamned song, though I doubt McG does, either.

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths review by TK (Pajiba)

Too Many Movies Tuesdays: Technically, It's Thursday (The Factual Opinion)
Shane Black attached to direct & direct Doc Savage. Very good thing. (CHUD)
Defendor review by Devin Faraci (CHUD)
Why the Oscars Matter by Dustin Rowles (Pajiba)
The Ghost Writer review by Brian Prisco (Pajiba)
Happy Tears review by Brian Prisco (Pajiba)
Unbreakable review by Steven Lloyd Wilson (Pajiba)
The 2010 Academy Award Nominated Shorts for Animated and Live-Action (Pajiba)

Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

Celebrity Gossip:
Oh Just Shut Up & Get Back To Looking Pretty, Johnny Depp (Agent Bedhead)
34 Sexy Celebrities When They Were Young (Pop Crunch)

Comic Books:
Comic Book Legends Revealed #249(CBR)

Comic Book Reviews:
AICN Comic Reviews Shipping Week: 2/17/10 (AICN)
The Buy Pile 2/17/10 by Hannibal Tabu(CBR)
CBR Reviews Last Week's New Comics:Tue, February 23rd, 2010 (CBR)
The Week In Ink: February 24, 2010 (Chris' Invincible Super-Blog)
Reviews of some recent super-comics, more than half of which were written by Geoff Johns (Every Day Is Like Wednesday)
Comics Of The Weak: I'd Read More Comics If They Sold Them At Foot Locker (The Factual Opinion)
Best Shots for 22 February 2010(Newsarama)
Best Shots Rapid Reviews: FLASH REBIRTH, NEW AVENGERS(Newsarama)
What I Read This Week: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 (El Jacone's Comic Book Bunker)
Review: Fantastic Four: World's Greatest (Every Day Is Like Wednesday)
Review: A couple of very violent Teen Titans trades (Every Day Is Like Wednesday)
Bullet Reviews: Outsiders #27 And Tiny Titans #25 (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)

Comic Book Blogs:
Nobody’s Favorites: Purple Girl (Armagideon Time)
The ComicsAlliance Quiz: Which Lantern Corps Are You? (ComicsAlliance)
Supergirl (Corner Symbols of Coolness)
New Firestorm Drawing by Co-Creator Al Milgrom – 2010 (Firestorm Fan)
Public Domain Hero-A-Day: 13 & JINX! (flameape)
Public Domain Superhero-a-Day: LADY LUCK SKETCH CARD (flameape)
29: Fantastic Four #10 (Marvel Genesis)
30: Strange Tales #104 (Marvel Genesis)
Sense Memory and Slush Puppies (Once Upon A Geek)
Airboy and Valkyrie in Air Fighters Volume 2 Number 2 (Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine)
Lady Danger in Sensation Comics #89, 1949 (Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine)
Miss America in Marvel Mystery Comics #'s 49 and 50, from 1943 (Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine)
SeƱorita Rio in Fight Comics #65, 1949 (Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine)
Number 683: Steve Ditko Right out of the gate (Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine)
Captain Wizard #1, 1946 (Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine)
Suzie #60, 1947 (Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine)
The Phantom Brander & The Ghost Rider (Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine)
Rann-Thanagar Holy War #1 (Reilly2040's Blog)
Rann-Thanagar Holy War #3 (Reilly2040's Blog)
Hawkman Special (Reilly2040's Blog)
Rann-Thanagar Holy War #4 & Robin #177 (Reilly2040's Blog)
The Kingdom (Reilly2040's Blog)
Secret Invasion Finale and Dark Reign (Reilly2040's Blog)
Strange Adventures #1 (Reilly2040's Blog)
Digital Comics (Reilly2040's Blog)
Atomic Robo (Reilly2040's Blog)
Timestorm 2009-2099 (Reilly2040's Blog)
Captain Britain and MI13 #13
Green Lantern Fan Trailer (Reilly2040's Blog)
Dark Reign So Far (Reilly2040's Blog)
Dollhouse (Reilly2040's Blog)
Timestorm 2009-2099: Spider-Man
My Own Worst Enemy (Reilly2040's Blog)
Iron Man: Armored Adventures
Strange Adventures (Reilly2040's Blog)
Thunderbolts (Reilly2040's Blog)
Who Was Ben Reilly? (Reilly2040's Blog)
World’s Most Wanted Conclusion (Reilly2040's Blog)
R.E.B.E.L.S. #10 (Reilly2040's Blog)
Iron Man and War Machine December ‘09 (Reilly2040's Blog)
Blackest Night: Adventure Comics (Reilly2040's Blog)
Green Lantern Corps #43 (Reilly2040's Blog)
Whatever Happened to The Flash? (Reilly2040's Blog)
Green Lantern #49 (Reilly2040's Blog)
Blackest Night #6 (Reilly2040's Blog)
Iron Man’s New Armour (Reilly2040's Blog)
Green Lantern #50 (Reilly2040's Blog)
Marvel in May (Reilly2040's Blog)
Changes in the Green Lantern Corps (Reilly2040's Blog)
Green Lantern #51 (Reilly2040's Blog)
Back Issue Box: Legion Of Super-Heroes #302 (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)
Back Issue Box: Legion Of Super-Heroes #303 (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)

NUDITY (Not Safe For Work):
Eva Padberg - PB Germany - May 2004 x22 ()
Irina Bondarenko Nude In "Playboy" (Ukraine) March 2010 HQ Scans (Nebula's Nude Celebs)
Olivia Wilde Nude But Covered HQ Peggy Sirota Photo Shoot For "GQ" Magazine Oct. 2009 (Nebula's Nude Celebs)
Amii Grove Nude In "Loaded" Magazine April 2010 HQ Scans (Nebula's Nude Celebs)
The 100 Hottest Women of 2010 (Pop Crunch)


wiec? said...

that Dunst vid was weird. good in a weird way.

i don't see the big deal with the nudity. it's only flashes of naked drawings really. who ever is outraged needs to go to a gd meuseum.

Anonymous said...

I love this game :)


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