Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Linkypeux of 6.15.2010

John Henry gave his life against the Inky Poo to prove a man could overcome a machine. Frank Lee Delano fights a losing weekly battle against the internet, so that his sacrificed time might save your own.


Art & Photograpy
k is for kid. (Random Picture Day)
Monster PSA: Louis Jourdan (Rob Kelly Illustration)
Seagull (Rob Kelly Illustration)

Assigned reading (Armagideon Time)
The Mothman Prophecies, and some thoughts on various depictions of its title character (Every Day Is Like Wednesday)

The Devin's Advocate: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home the Trekkiest movie? (CHUD)
3D glasses can give you a staph infection (CHUD)
Dellamorte's Box Office Wrap Up 6/11/10 (CHUD)
The Karate Kid – Shea Hennum Goes To The Movies (Bleeding Cool)
The Karate Kid review by Devin Faraci (CHUD)
Winter's Bone review by Devin Faraci (CHUD)
The A-Team Tag Tram Review (CHUD)
Splice review by Devin Faraci (CHUD)
Too Many Movies: Tropical Malady/Fletch Lives/A-Team/Drunken Angel/High & Low/The Bad Sleep Well/Stray Dog (The Factual Opinion)
The A-Team review by Daniel Carlson (Pajiba)
Devil in a Blue Dress review by TK (Pajiba)
The Karate Kid review by Agent Bedhead (Pajiba)
Cop Land review by Drew Morton (Pajiba)
Christopher Walken: Seven Moments from The Early Years (Unreality)

Comic Books:
Lying In The Gutters – June 14th 2010 (Bleeding Cool)
G. Willow Wilson – Converting To Islam And Selling Comics by Greg Baldino (Bleeding Cool)
DC Comics Solicitations for September, 2010 (CBR)
Dark Horse Comics Solicitations for September, 2010 (CBR)
Marvel Comics Solicitations for September, 2010 (CBR)
Comic Book Legends Revealed #264(CBR)

Evan Dorkin Talks About… Everything

Comic Book Reviews:
CBR Reviews Last Week's New Comics (CBR)
Review: Giant-Size Invaders #1 (Comics Bronze Age)
Review: Fantastic Four #274 (Comics Bronze Age)
Comics Of The Weak: No More Tangles, No More Fucking Tangles (The Factual Opinion)
What I Read This Week : Monday, June 14, 2010 (El Jacone's Comic Book Bunker)
Spent Time Reading Comics This Past Week (Once Upon A Geek)
Green Lantern #54 (Reilly2040's Blog)

Comic Book Blogs:
Amanda Conner Animated Black Canary & Wonder Woman (Amazon Princess)
The New Aqualad (The Aquaman Shrine)
Showcase #100 - May 1978 (The Aquaman Shrine)
Justice League of America: The Nail (The Aquaman Shrine)
Nobody’s Favorites: Poison (Armagideon Time)
The Phantom Stranger by Chris Samnee (Comics Make Me Happy!)
Nostalgia: Good or Bad for the Comics Industry? (Comics Make Me Happy!)
Far-Out Threads, Man: Moon Knight (Diversions of the Groovy Kind)
Friday Favorite: Tim Drake Wayne (Girls Gone Geek)
1979 General Mills cereals Batman promo comics: "The Man in the Iron Mask!" (Gone & Forgotten)
If Hal and Guy aren't Going to be Friends...? (Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER!)
1984 Jemm, Son of Saturn Full Page Ad (The Idol-Head of Diabolu)
Saturninan Salutations: Klaus Janson (The Idol-Head of Diabolu)
Download from Imagination Central (J.M. DeMatteis' Creation Point)
“Breaking Point!” from Daredevil #147, July 1977 (Kingdom Kane)
58: Tales of Suspense #42 (Marvel Genesis)
"IT!" from Harvey Comics' 1952 Witches Tales #10 (Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine)
Golden Age Idol--The Marksman!! (Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!!)
Batman Explains Why The BP Spill Is A Good Thing (Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!!)
Poll: Which Supergirl Villain Do You Want To See Updated? (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)
Mythology: The Art Of Alex Ross (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)
Review: Outsiders #30 (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)

NUDITY (Not Safe For Work):
The Fashion Icons: Lara Stone from Love magazine #3 (Finn's Place)
Tiah Eckardt Nude In "No." Magazine #10 by Holly Blake LQ/MQ Previews

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