Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Is New 52-2 For All I Care #129

Aquaman #3 (2011)
Demon Knights #2
The Huntress #2 (2011)

Aquaman #3 (DC, 2011, $2.99)
This was my favorite issue so far, since I felt it had the best balance of back story, exposition, action, characterization and tantalizing morsels of future developments. A lot can come of a simple throwaway line like "You still kept that trident. Despite all the trouble it might bring." Anyway, the book remains gorgeous to behold, and while still a slight read, this time it was a satisfying one.

Demon Knights #2 (DC, 2011, $2.99)
Like the first issue, except the closing battle there carries on throughout this issue and on to the next. Nice art, mildly humorous, flips the Stormwatch paradigm by focusing on the familiar characters you like instead of the new ones you don't. Still, nothing is accomplished beyond displays of powers/prowess. I could have posted this week's reviews last week, but I kept putting it off waiting to be inspired to say more about this one comic. Never came. Eh, these books are mostly two months old anyway, so who gives a shit?

The Huntress #2 (DC, 2011, $2.99)
I liked it better when it was called The Huntress #1. It's like they just rearranged the pages here. It still looks good, and I'd like to give a shout out to colorist Andrew Dalhouse for managing softer, feminine coloring suited for a purple-clad vigilante without undermining the darker aspects of the story. However, that story has not progressed in the slightest, and reads like a silly '80s action movie without a sense of stakes or accomplishment for the protagonist. There's even a mild, halfhearted exploitation vibe. The Guillem March cover is this comic in a nutshell: an otherwise attractive image marred by an incompetently positioned bo staff obscuring the heroine's face. I want to like it, but it undermines itself in obvious ways.

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