Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Is DCNuey For All I Care #136

Aquaman #5 (2012)
Detective Comics #6 (2012)
The Huntress #4 (2012)

Aquaman #5 (DC, 2012, $2.99)
The strongest single issue of the book yet, as the non-linear storytelling is novel, engaging the reader in a way the rote tease at the heart of the story wouldn't have otherwise. Lovely art, high adventure, character work, and a prelude of things to come. Plus, the lizard was so cute!

Detective Comics #6 (DC, 2012, $2.99)
I've said before and will say again that any given issue of a comic book series may be somebody's first. For instance, I believe this was the first Tony Daniel scripted comic I've read since The Tenth, and it's certainly my first issue of 'Tec since the New 52 reboot. That having been established, this appears to be a middle chapter in a multi-issue tale, and I don't know what the fuck is going on. There's a one-eyed bad girl and her sister is dating Bruce Wayne and there's a dude who can change his face but isn't a Clayface and there are a bunch of guys who look like Bronze Age Bat-villains but aren't and the Penguin has a floating casino and goddamned talons. The face guy stabs the good sister and there's a bunch of dead people in tubs and vampires come up (see I, Vampire #5, True Believer) and Batman's in a death trap the end. The dialogue was kind of cheesy, but I can't tell you if there was anything wrong with the story because what the fuck? Sandu Florea seemed to ink Daniel well, because it looked better than that scribbly shit he was doing with Morrison. That's all I've got.

The Huntress #4 (DC, 2012, $2.99)
I'm really fucking tired of writing about this book. Huntress talks to the generic reporter helpers again, at least one of which needs to die or betray her before series end to justify there being two of them based on the economics of storytelling. Huntress climbs shit and eavesdrops some more and beats additional nameless goons and the bad guys abuse women again and also the law is corrupt and zzzzzz. Finally, the ending is a total cop-out that sees Huntress leave the shitbag that is the fate of the lower level boss to be handled by innocent women who likely already had enough emotional baggage to carry as it was. Cunt.

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