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Wednesday Is Gratuitous Minor Major Pandering For All I Care #155

2000 AD Free Comic Book Day #2
Image 20 FCBD 2012
Lady Death: The Beginning FCBD 2012
Worlds of Aspen 2012

2000 AD Free Comic Book Day (Rebellion, 2012, Free)
I got a kick out of last year's edition, but this one was a bit of a letdown...

  • Judge Dredd "On the Job" It's nice to get a complete story with a solid character introduction in just four pages. Co-creator John Wagner and artist Rufus Dayglo made this one special for FCBD, and it shows.
  • "The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael (and the Dead left in his Wake)" Part One A nice enough riff on Eastwood High Plains Drifter that gets enough across in six pages to pique a body's interest. Dom Reardon's art recalls Sean Phillips, and writer Rob Williams may be worth keeping an eye on.
  • Zombo "The Day the Zombo Died" Part One Equal parts inventive and annoying, not at all helped by its being narrated by a Donald Trump parody. I suppose the premise is laid down, but I was still dissatisfied with the segment and its conclusion.
  • Ro-Busters "Bax the Burner!" A black and white reprint from 1982 from when Steve Dillon was still trying to ape Brian Bolland and Alan Moore phoned in unfunny filler. At least it's complete.
  • Tharg's Future Shocks "Whatever Happened to the Green Pedestrian Palm?" The biggest winner of this edition. Prime work by creator Chris Weston in a cute yarn with a bit of pathos for extra kick. I detected a bit of a Jim Starlin influence in there, or is that just me?

Free Comic Book Day 2012 (Image 20) (Image, 2012, Free)
  • Waiting for G-Man I got into previews for a volume of G-Man years ago, but ended up passing on picking it up because I missed the first one, and never followed up on it. This was a sweet snippet from the third volume that hints at the world bending I enjoy in Empowered. Hopefully this time I'll be motivated to go further.
  • Guarding the Globe "Morning Drive" A brisk four pages foreshadowing the upcoming ongoing series. Probably not my bag.
  • Crime and Terror presents "Damn Kids" I don't even get this. Was it supposed to be a joke or a twist? I've never liked Steve Niles, and Scott Morse wasn't doing him any favors.
  • Revival I don't think that there was enough to this preview to convince me to order the book, but since I already have, it's good that it didn't turn me off, either.
  • It-Girl and the Atomics I don't see the point of a Mike Allred property without Allred himself involved, and Mike Norton isn't really a reasonable facsimile. Jamie S. Rich's plot reminds me more of latter day Tick, which isn't exactly a compliment.
  • Near Death An alright story segment for an anthology, but still not a book I'd read on purpose.

Lady Death Free Comic Book Day 2012 (Boundless/Avatar, 2012, Free)
I read a third of this book for free in 2010 when it was called Lady Death Premiere. Can't complain about getting three times as much for the same lack of price. I still think Marcelo Mueller is the guy to tap when Ivan Reis leaves Aquaman, and Pulido was still doing a bronze age Red Sonja story. If that sounds like it suits you, rock on. There's also a four page preview of War Goddesses (well, three silent pages and a text piece) that was pretty shitty, but easy to ignore.

Worlds of Aspen 2012 #1 (Aspen, 2012, Free)
I hate Aspen's output, so it's not really fair to them that I keep getting their crap near to free and trashing it. I try to be a little optimistic each time, but I always end up hate fucking a cheese grater. When will I break this vicious cycle?
  • Homecoming Emilio Laiso sustains a crisp Art Adams look for like one page before deteriorating into something Harris Comics might have published in the '90s. The Lady in the Water turns into Roswell all processed through the most basic anime tropes. Pass.
  • Soulfire and Fathom "Previews" By which they mean a pair of two page solicitations. An ad is just an ad.
  • Lady Mechanika Bitchin' steampunk centerfold. A six page story would have had slightly better odds of getting me to buy something, though.
  • Idolized Another entry into the stillborn American Idol with Super-Heroes subgenre. Micah Gunnell's art strays enough from the Michael Turner clone hive that I enjoy looking at it.
  • Shrugged, Executive Assistant: Iris & Charismagic "Previews" As in, what you'll see in the Previews catalog when the books are solicited. Not winning.

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