Friday, August 3, 2012

Wednesday Is Lo-Rent Sci-Fi For All I Care #157

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens - FCBD Special Preview
Extermination #1
The Hypernaturals FCBD Edition

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens - Free Comic Book Day Special Preview (Liquid Comics, 2012, Free)
Nothing brings the boys to the yard like two things that do not look or act remotely human fighting each other over whatever. Well okay, I guess it works for Godzilla, but it's otherwise the makings of a very expensive bomb. Seeing as a have no interest in dinos or sci-fi tropes for sci-fi tropes sake, and writing an analog of the Native American genocide seems like a good idea for 1973, I am only one seat removed from the church lady as a target audience. Mukesh Singh's artwork is pretty for the eight pages of continuity offered, but the rest of the book is rough sketches and script pages. Conceptual sperm donor Barry Sonnenfeld barely seems to understand how to communicate a pitch, and Grant Morrison is an enthusiastic whore who makes sure to only check his watch when it's positioned behind the john's back.

Extermination #1 (BOOM!, 2012, $1.00)
So this is Batman and a Joker/Lex Luthor mash-up as two of the last survivors of an alien invasion holocaust. That's basically BOOM!'s whole thing when it comes to super-heroes, and they have it down fairly well. Jeffrey Edwards' art reminds me of early Roger Robinson (a good thing,) and Simon Spurrier is clearly having a fun writing the script. I'm not sure how sustainable the premise is, but the first shot's worth your buck.

The Hypernaturals Free Comic Book Day Edition (BOOM!, 2012, Free)
The All-New, All-Different Giant-Sized Uncanny Legion of Super-Heroes #1. Also, Ultimate Strikeforce Morituri. The characters are initially conveyed as analogous/stock for anyone who has ever read space super-heroes in the future books, of which Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have written a lot, and know how to get them done. It was clever to have artists Brad Walker and Tom Derenick draw two different time periods, and both are slick with shiny happy costumed crusaders. Not so much the horror elements though, and while entertaining, it's hard not to play a game of "Spot the Obvious Genre Reference."

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