Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wednesday Is Hollywood High Concept For All I Care #159

Axe Cop: President Of The World #1
Danger Girl/G.I. Joe #1
National Comics: Eternity #1

Axe Cop: President Of The World #1 (Dark Horse, 2012, $3.50)
This is supposed to be some sort of paean to the unbridled imagination of childhood, because an underwhelming artist in his thirties plays with his baby brother, then translates the inanity this kid comes up with into a commercial narrative. I call it as the gimmick it is, and wish the fucker would just do too many drugs and go off on nonsense like a proper artist. Ignorant little boys and dudes tripping balls aren't so far apart mentally, but at least the space case has a slim chance of saying something insightful. Maybe once the exploitation well runs dry at puberty, Nicolle can get a job interviewing patients at the county mental hospital?

Danger Girl/G.I. Joe #1 (IDW, 2012, $3.99)
It amuses me that there are businessmen who believe that there are people who want to read stories about Abbey Chase, as opposed to people who want to look at J. Scott Campbell interiors or Danger Girl in a state of undress if she must be drawn by anyone else. Co-creator Andy Hartnell doesn't appear to suffer this delusion, or else he just went whole hog when finally given the chance to write anything else. This is one of those generic early style G.I. Joe adventures where everyone is in a jumpsuit with a flight helmet on, so good luck telling Scarlet from Lady Jaye based solely on personality. There's a fair amount of the James Bond analogue Johnny Barracuda, but the titular Californicated Lara Croft is saved for a last page reveal spoiled on the goddamned cover. John Royle provides decent Campbell-by-way-of-Todd Nauck art.

National Comics: Eternity #1 (DC, 2012, $3.99)
I think Rich Johnston saw this as a television pilot in comic book clothing, and that sounds about right. Specifically, it's Tru Calling Medium, but with more peen. A mortician channeling the recently deceased to solve their murders strikes me as way less fantastic than a city employee given autonomy and allowed to do the job of another city employee in a different position. I liked the original premise of Kid Eternity better, but if you enjoy paying four bucks for a fair procedural that only runs 10-15 minutes, this may be your back. Lemire's script is serviceable, but the art team of Hamner and Donovan make it look better than it is.


chrishaley said...

You are my hero.

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What a coincidence! I am also my hero! So much in common!


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