Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wed. Is Any Day For All I Care #14

Welcome to the "DC Comics Can Eat A Dick" edition...

Ambush Bug: Year None #2
Final Crisis #3
Hawkman Special #1 (2008)
Legion of Super-Heroes #45

Ambush Bug: Year None #2 (DC, 2008, $2.99)
The first issue of this series was a wonderful return to the form of Ambush Bug's hilarious early guest-appearances and first mini-series. The second issue is an unfortunate return to the weak second half of the "Stocking Stuffer" and "Son of Ambush Bug" mini-series. It mistakes random and goofy for funny, and never mind that I always though Mr. Nebula, intergalactic decorator was a terrible idea. Mitsu Bishi? Don Gaye Apparel? The Amber Butane Corps? Please, please stop. The bits with a chatty Source Wall, OMAC, and Blue Beetle were pretty good, but the further the book strays from satire, the more deserving it is of it.

Final Crisis #3 (DC, 2008, $3.99)
I was an early defender of Morrison on this book, but my resolve is beginning to waver. The subplots from the beginning of the series inch forward at a snail's pace, and don't get me started on the vomitous "Countdown" carryovers like fetish Mary Marvel. I'm pretty fucking pissed about the big companies charging an extra buck per issue to follow stories that fail to satisfy as a whole or in parts, especially as this installment begins to branch out into spin-offs.

Hawkman Special #1 (DC, 2008, $3.50)
I'm always happy to see Jim Starlin illustrating, and his take on Hawkman's appearance is rock solid. However, Carter Hall has never been what one might call deep, so taking him down the metaphysical road well traveled by the likes of Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock, Vanth Dreadstar and so on really makes for an odd fit. Trying to balance the winged fascist out with existential angst comes across as rather clunky, especially in the dialogue. I'm pleased to see DC remember Katar Hol, as I always dug the dichotomy of science fiction and medieval temperament, and Thangar opens up too many story possibilities to divorce Hawkman from that world. I just wish the story had been given another pass by the editor, since beyond teasing another revision of the character, there's none to speak of.

Legion of Super-Heroes #45 (DC, 2008, $2.99)
Jim Shooter brings quality back, after a craptastic last issue I'd like to blame on his rumored brief departure from the book. Mary Sue M'rissey gets the hell away on page 2, while Lightning Lad starts to get his shit together and delegate his way out of incompetency. Scenes with Vi and Imra offer new insight into their personalities, while Brainy is his same old magnificent bastard self. I also like the sex appeal restored to the book in this most recent incarnation, after all those neutered Zero Hour-reboot years.

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