Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wed. Is Any Day For All I Care #17

Ambush Bug: Year None #3
Contract #0
Legion of Super-Heroes #46
The Roberts #1
DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar #6

Ambush Bug: Year None #3 (DC, 2008, $2.99)
On the plus side, my childhood isn't being raped, but the resurrected Bug still isn't living up to its potential. I've got no complaint about Dumb Bunny of the Inferior Five being used to set up a parody of "One More Day," but I'd have really appreciated it being remotely funny, given its page count. "Infinite Crisis" also gets skewered, in theory if not fact. I am pleased that, in death as in life, Pantha remains one of the only redeeming aspects of what is otherwise a wretched mess. I'd guess Ambush Bug's greatest crime is being too nostalgic for itself, referencing comics long forgotten by most, that weren't so great to begin with (I'm looking at you, "Stocking Stuffer.") If Irwin Schwab is granted clemency after what is increasingly looking to be a debacle, maybe J.M. DeMatteis should provide the script?

Contract #0 (First Salvo, 2008, $0.25)
I don't know how I managed it, but despite my intentions and cheaprocity, I missed out on this heavily discounted book on first run. It isn't exactly a shame, as Dave Ross' five pages of art seem to have been digitally "inked" through a very basic contrast feature. Detail is plainly lost, and there's so little story to the preview as to render it a waste. A couple of advance pages with art by Ariel Padilla and Yvel Guichet fare better, but sans lettering its just more mindless violence. The saving grace in a five page short with art by Kevin Sharpe and Mark McKenna, which constitutes an extended comic bit, but works for what it is.

Legion of Super-Heroes #46 (DC, 2008, $2.99)
Another swell issue with Shooter back on his game. In all the years I've read Legion comics (on and off,) I can't recall a story where Ultra Boy's ass was more bad than dumb, and I'm happy for his breakthrough. Brainy and Princess Projectra also provide solid character moments. Francis Manapul appears to be in a transitional state with his style, as he moves toward a less manga influenced style. Maybe it was just a deadline crunch, as most of the pages are light on rendering, but it looked good to my eye. I don't mind the soap operatic concern with infidelity, but I do hope that by the 30th Century that sort of possessiveness isn't such an issue.

The Roberts #1 (Image, 2008, $5.99)
Easily the best book I read this month. The premise is simple: The Boston Strangler is suffering through a murder-free life in a nursing home, until he meets the acquaintance of a new resident, the Zodiac Killer. Mostly told in first person narrative, the dialogue and situations presented by Wayne Chinsang and Justin Shady ring true. The art of Erik Rose recalls Jae Lee, and is perfect for the story. I read a marginal review of the book online, that complained about excess exposition and a lack of action. In other words, it takes place in a fucking nursing home, and "exposition" is the fucking story. If any of my previous sentences incite interest, don't fear the price point, and go buy this book now. The potential trade won't save you any money, and I'm sure it could use the support. If you're a retard who fails the understand the difference between a fictionalized memoir and exposition, go draw on a wall with your own feces instead.

DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar #6 (DC, 2008, $2.99)
I bought a copy of the issue I missed, then read this conclusion, and can now say with an authoritative voice that Keith Giffen fed me a shit sandwich heavily garnished with weak sauce. If this book were a living thing, and you asked it why it existed, it would either spiral into an angsty crisis or reply, "for the paycheck, you stupid fuck." The art is phoned-in, while the script seems bored with life and ready to die. Between this and Ambush Bug, I have to assume Giffen has a self-destructive streak hellbent on returning the creator to the dregs from which "52" and "Formerly Known As The Justice League" plucked him. But hey, selling out the JLI reaped some filthy lucre, right?

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