Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday Is Any Day For All I Care #38

The Actress and the Bishop #1
Dark Reign: Zodiac #1
Werewolves On The Moon: Versus Vampires #1

The Actress and the Bishop #1 (Desperado, 2009, $3.99)
I was promised a full length comic book with art by Brian Bolland, one of our all time greatest and least prolific illustrators. I got it. Everything else is gravy. Sure, the stories here are all reprints spanning quite a few years, but they're new to me, and entertaining to boot. They're all written in lighthearted rhyme, but each hints at existential angst, giving them enough intellectual meat to savor. Plus, a flesh eating monster, heretical humor, and some full frontal nudity, all exquisitely drawn. Yum!

Dark Reign: Zodiac #1 (Marvel, 2009, $3.99)
Yeah, the script is ankle deep in references to the latest intercompany crossover I could care less about, but it's also a snarky aside that does its own thing. The art by Nathan Fox recalls Paul Pope, and Joe Casey doesn't seem nearly as desperate to appear cool as usual. The former holders of Marvel's "Zodiac" title are dealt with rather cavalierly, but throughout history they've always been disposable, and the new guy is not without his own psychotic charms. I'm disinclined to pay four smackaroos an issue for any book, but this was a fun test drive, and your investment in the Marvel Universe might allow you more mileage for the dinero. There's plenty of cameos, and some intrigue besides, though the fainthearted should be aware that the corpse strewn cover is only the beginning of the ultra-violence within.

Werewolves On The Moon: Versus Vampires #1 (Dark Horse, 2009, $3.50)
The premise would seem to write itself, but the comedy is so forced that it feels like a bludgeon. I could see Rob Schneider, Pauly Shore, and Martin Short playing the leads in the film adaptation, is what I'm saying. Remember when Douglas Quaid first got his ass to Mars, and had the big set piece in the arrival terminal. That's basically the plot to this book, weighted with tons of unnecessary dialogue and thin, grating characters. It's entertaining as a train wreck, as the creative team is beneath the material, which says something damning.

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wiec? said...

the space vampire vs werewolf's book looked promising from the cover but overall was pretty crappy. and christ was it talky. waaay to much nonsense.

i can't believe there are more issues to come.


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