Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Linkypeux for November 24-30th, 2009

John Henry gave his life against the Inky Poo to prove a man could overcome a machine. Frank Lee Delano fights a losing weekly battle against the internet, so that his sacrificed time might save your own.


Permanent Damage 11/27/09 by Steven Grant

Art & Photograpy
Monster PSA: Rod Taylor (Rob Kelly Illustration)
Network foreign movie poster (Random Picture Day)
Time Out New York: Matisyahu (Rob Kelly Illustration)
Black Dynamite movie poster (Random Picture Day)
Universal Monsters: A Trip To Mars (Rob Kelly Illustration)
Lucky El Intepido foreign movie poster (Random Picture Day)
The Body Snatcher (Rob Kelly Illustration)

Television Of The Weak: I Wonder What People Who Liked That Show Eat For Breakfast, Besides Failure (The Factual Opinion)
Television Of The Weak: Only Seconds Before America Shuts Down (The Factual Opinion)
V for Vhat Happened to That? (Siskoid's Blog of Geekery)

Dellamorte's Box Office Wrap Up 11/27/09 (CHUD)
Fantastic Mr. Fox review by Daniel Carlson (Pajiba)
The Devin's Advocate: Why Breaking Dawn MUST be filmed! (CHUD)
Up In The Air review by Drew Morton (Pajiba)
Up In The Air review by Devin Faraci (CHUD)
Ninja Assassin review by Dustin Rowles (Pajiba)

Comic Books:
Comic Book Legends Revealed #235(CBR)
Lying In The Gutters – 30th November (Bleeding Cool)

Comic Book Reviews:
AICN Comic Reviews Shipping Week: 11/18/09 (AICN)
Best Shots for 11-30-09(Newsarama)
The Buy Pile 11/27/09 by Hannibal Tabu(CBR)
CBR Reviews Last Week's New Comics
CBR Reviews The Week Before Last's New Comics
Comics Of The Weak: In The Eyes (The Factual Opinion)
The Week In Ink: , 2009 (Chris' Invincible Super-Blog)
Weekly Haul: November 25th (Every Day Is Like Wednesday)
Review: Superman Secret Origin #3 (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)
Review: Cry For Justice #5 (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)
Review: Adventure Comics #4 (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)

Comic Book Blogs:
Number 637: Spacehawk and Dork help the war effort (Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine)
Ethan Van Sciver's Supergirl As Indigo Lantern (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)
More Fun Comics #85 - Nov. 1942 (The Aquaman Shrine)
Spaceknight Saturdays: Let's Get It Over With (Siskoid's Blog of Geekery)
Ocean Master Paper Doll (The Aquaman Shrine)

NUDITY (Not Safe For Work):
Sexy Zoe Saldana Needs Your Attention (DJ Mick)
Emma Watson Nipple Slip Bikini Pictures (Egotastic!)
Coco: Twitter Whore (I Don't Like You In That Way)
Tila Tequila Sex Tape Leaked - She's Gonna Sue (Egotastic!)

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