Monday, March 8, 2010

Linkydeux 3.8.10

Whilst avoiding working on actual blog content and surfing the web, Frank Lee Delano struck upon the conception: what if I could surf the net in order to generate meaningless content? And so the Linkypeux was born, and it was good. Verily, 'twas too good, as its contents swelled, causing a strenuous effort to release. It was assured that a deuce must be dropped, a Linkydeux. There was sorrow amongst the land though, as genuine content suffered from the excess of deux accumulating in the bowels of the nurgh. So it was foretold, the time would come for a War of the Links, and only the fittest would survive...

Interactive Movie: Become Sweden's National Hero!

STDs in America (Damn Cool Photography)
5 things: from the Junk Drawer (the pressed for time batch) (when is evil cool?)

Art & Photograpy
National Geographic's BEST pictures of the year. (Copytaste)
keep being awesome. (Random Picture Day)
oh boy! what a picture. (Random Picture Day)
brute force and catlike reflexes. (Random Picture Day)
Monster PSA: Ray Milland (Rob Kelly Illustration)
From The Vault: Moxie Grrrl #1 - 2005 (Rob Kelly Illustration)

If Wonder Woman Comics Were More Honest (And Awesome) (Cracked)
Growing Up 2600: Score some action (Armagideon Time)



Television of the Weak: A Freak Show From Sunup To Sundown (The Factual Opinion)
227 Reunion on The Today Show. Thank You Santa Christ! (I'm Bringing Blogging Back!)

The 2010 Academy Award Winners (Pajiba)
Dellamorte's Box Office Wrap Up 3/5/10 (CHUD)
Alice in Wonderland review by Dustin Rowles (Pajiba)
Brooklyn's Finest review by Dustin Rowles (Pajiba)
The 2010 Razzie Award Winners (Pajiba)

Celebrity Gossip:
Mark Linkous 1962-2010 (This Photo Life)

Comic Books:
Gail Simone to Depart from Wonder Woman (CBR)
Straczynski Steps Up For "Superman" & "Wonder Woman" (CBR)
Golden Age AIRBOY Gets a 2nd Resurrection in Anthology (Newsarama)
Comic Book Legends Revealed #250(CBR)
Punctuating Comics: Breath Marks (Todd Klein's Blog)

Comic Book Reviews:
Review: Scorpion #1 (Comics Bronze Age)
What I Read This Week: Monday, March 8, 2010 (El Jacone's Comic Book Bunker)
Review: Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #1 (Every Day Is Like Wednesday)
Review: Legends of The Dark Knight #32-#34 (Every Day Is Like Wednesday)
G3 Review: First Wave #1 (Girls Gone Geek)
Review: Adventure Comics #8 (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)
Review: Cry For Justice #7 (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)

Comic Book Blogs:
Douglas Shuler's Wonder Woman (Amazon Princess)
Neal Pozner Blue Costume Sketch - 1984 (The Aquaman Shrine)
Aquaman (Vol.1) #63 - Sept. 1978 (The Aquaman Shrine)
More Fun Comics #99 - Sept. 1944 (The Aquaman Shrine)
Nobody’s Favorites: Toyboy (Armagideon Time)
Showcase #35 (The Atom: Mighty Mite)
Read: Hawkman v.4:no.15 (Being Carter Hall)
WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ‘90S! (Chris' Invincible Super-Blog)
Discussion question: If Girl Comics isn't a completely fantastic comic book, does it risk doing more harm than good? (Every Day Is Like Wednesday)
Some questions I have about Justice League: Cry for Justice, after having (Every Day Is Like Wednesday)
Elemental Firestorm Promotional Efforts – 1989 (Firestorm Fan)
Ebony White reborn as a girl? (Glyphs)
2010 Glyph Comics Awards nominees (Glyphs)
New Feature: Activity Page Friday (Gone & Forgotten)
52/WW III Part One: A Call To Arms #1 (June, 2007) (The Idol-Head of Diabolu)
35: Strange Tales #105 (Marvel Genesis)
Sandman comic book advertisement – 1988 (Once Upon A Geek)
Green Lantern Corps #45 (Reilly2040's Blog)
A Deep Breath Before the Plunge...-or-Gaze Into the Future (repurposed) (Sanctum Sanctorum Comix)
What if... The Hulk Had Become a Barbarian? (Siskoid's Blog of Geekery)
Back Issue Box: Superman Family #195 (Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)

NUDITY (Not Safe For Work):
Kelly Brook - Unknown Photoshoot x8 (DeepAtSea)
Keira Knightley - by Marc Hom for Esquire - October 2005 x3 (DeepAtSea)
Angelina Has Had Sex With Pretty Much Everyone (I Don't Like You In That Way)
Lindsay Lohan Smokin' Hot "Purple" Magazine #13 HQ Scans (Lanky Bastard)
Trish Goff Nude In "Purple" Magazine S/S 2010 by Olivier Zahm HQ Scans (Nebula's Nude Celebs)
Argentinian model Belen Rodriguez (The Superficial)
Alessandra Ambrosio stretching in a bikini (The Superficial)

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