Monday, July 25, 2011

A Frank Review of "Dead and Gone" (2008)

The Short Version? Bad things happen at that run down cabin...
What Is It? "Horror"
Who Is In It? Angela from "Sleepaway Camp," Veronica from "Clerks," Kage from "Tenacious D," and the guy who shouted on the first Evanescence album in celebrity cameos.
Should I See It? No.

Short and sweet: Hollywood British boy toy loses his aging producer meal ticket to a liposuction accident. Hides out in a Nevada shack with his wife of convenience on life support until he can find a way to squeeze a few more dollars out of a bad situation. Rednecks cause problems, there's a dalliance with a ridiculous but hot police officer, and things break down. It's The Shining meets Evil Dead meets mental retardation. Slow, cheap, boring, derivative, pointless, with the intentional gags usually falling well short. When Kyle Gass is listed on the box as a co-star after maybe five minutes of screen time because you need the audience draw, enjoy your stay in the dollar bin. I'll give the movie this: there's some nice gender-bending, and even if it plods, I've seen much worse.


  • Gone With The Dead: The Making of Dead and Gone Someone was paid to edit a half hour documentary for a quarter-assed movie. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun making a bad picture.
  • Deleted Scenes Most of the movie should have been deleted down to an unmemorable thirty minute show, so the actual deleted scenes are like stabbing yourself in the brain with a spoon. Why would you do such a thing to yourself. Just stop. Don't.
  • Outtakes Cute. Ish. And brief. Brief is important.
  • Trailers Lionsgate isn't exactly known for its discriminating taste, and especially on horror movies they'll sprinkle in piss with the punch on even their best-selling DVDs, but this one showcases nothing but turd after turd. "Clearly you're only watching the main feature on a dare, as part of a drinking game, or what have you, so here are some future OMFG releases for your peculiar group activities."

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