Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Batgirl Original Art

One of the things that will be changing around here once I get my shit together is more "bloggy" type crap. For instance, while I was trying to find someplace to protect some new original art I bought, I discovered some 15-20 year old Blue Line pages I never did much with, since I fucking suck as an artist. Still, I'm tired and I've allowed this blog to lapse from daily to whenever status, so I figure something's better than nothing. Here's Batgirl battling the Killer Moth, by me, drawn for reasons unknown after all this time. Some of the finer details didn't scan, and virtually none of my blue pencil layouts and text, so count your blesings, I guess.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 "Judd Winick Named DC Comics Editor-in-Chief" Promotional Art by Billy Penn

Click To Enlarge

I recognize there's was a lot of love for Denny O'Neil in the '70s for restoring Batman to "Dark Knight Detective" status and for coming up with Green Lantern/Green Arrow. An alternative view (mine) is that O'Neil was technically a terrible writer. I'd say he exemplified the growing pains between the Silver Age "middle aged white guys writing adventure stories for children" and the Bronze Age "twentysomething white guys writing adventure stories for man-children." Read today, O'Neil's scripts are cringe-inducing in their hoary dialogue, sensationalism and self-importance. In my opinion, it wasn't until O'Neil stopped drinking and embraced the hubris in himself and his characters that he finally earned his stature in the industry.

In a roundabout way, my point is that Judd Winick was the Denny O'Neil of the aughts, and maybe he should start drinking/drugging to improve his writing, before he drives his remaining audience to do so. Certainly, this news announcement has me wanting to call in sick to work and crawl into a bottle. Check it out.


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