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The Linkypeux of 5.30.2010

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The Top Ten Steel Covers (John Henry Irons Edition)

John Henry Irons was introduced during the bestselling "Reign of the Supermen" epic. In and of itself, that was enough to make the character just about the most highly visible hero of color in DC Comics history. Unfortunately, he was then written as such-- the good negro Tom Robinson of the lily white Superman Family. Steel was branded with an S-Shield, given his own terrible token series, and was dutifully included in all crossovers for years thereafter. The salvation of the character came in the strength of his original concept as a working class armored hero, his glorious design, and a late term creative team change that redeemed the Steel series with just over a year's worth of compelling stories.

After his series' cancellation, John Henry Irons became a co-star/regular supporting character in Superman: The Man of Steel, which emphasized his engineering genius. Steel's presence was also a highlight of the Morrison/Porter JLA's second half, especially his infamous conversion of the Watchtower headquarters into a virtual armor, prompting the hilarious declaration "I am now wearing this building!" Unfortunately, Irons "retired" as a super-hero around the time The Man of Steel was canceled and the JLA pared down. This left Irons and his one consistent supporting character, precocious niece Natasha, to drift through one title after another.

Attempts to employ the Irons pair in recent years have left much to be desired. Natasha made use of her own Steel armor for a time, then acquired super powers from Lex Luthor, prompting the involvement of John Henry in an inevitable confrontation. The pair were part of the painfully misguided Infinity, Inc. reboot, and Steel once again played substitute Superman during the World of New Krypton hubbub. The essential appeal, and perhaps even a basic understand of the Steel premise, continues to elude writers. The further out the world gets from "Reign of the Superman," the less likely it seems Steel will ever fully come into his own, and I find that a terrible shame.

10) Superman: The Man of Steel #117 (October, 2001)

I was really up-in-arms about the apparent death of Steel, but he returned in the same storyline. However he was briefly burdened with an excessively powerful new armor built by Darkseid out of an Imperiex shell. I think it was called the Entropy Aegis, and I know it totally missed the point of John Henry Irons, but the cover was cool.

9) Steel #41 (August, 1997)

Racially charged much?

8) 52 #8 (June 28,2006)

I love a good propaganda poster!

7) Steel #34 (January, 1997)

After three years of increasingly bad stories and art, DC finally began to treat Steel as more than crossover fodder before the release of his motion picture. Unfortunately, from what I've heard, the movie was about as bad as the comic had been. It's a shame, because DC's premier black super-hero finally began to be shepherded by actual black creators, with writer Christopher Priest turning in probably the best scripts of his distinguished career.

6) Superman: The Man of Steel #26 (October, 1993)

Not recognizing the full implications of the moniker, I declared "Iron John" my favorite of the Supermen, and the most likely to embody the soul of the Man of Steel. If any of the Supermen could stand beside "the real steel deal," it was John Henry. Plus, no one ever drew Steel quite as well as co-creator Jon Bogdanove.

5) Steel #45 (December, 1997)

Into a comics world where it was often up to the colorist to assign race, Steel was undeniably a black man, even when covered head to toe in armor.

4) Steel #23 (January, 1996)

This was such a powerful image that the forgettable story within is doubly disappointing.

3) Steel #3 (April, 1994)

Friggin' awesome perspective! You're going to be eating that hammer if you don't move out of his way.

2) Steel #37 (April, 1997)

This one is quite literally iconic, with most of the image consisting of silhouettes and high contrast head shots. I love how the DC bullet has been turned into another gear in Steel's (or is it Dr. Villain's?) machine.

1) Superman: The Man of Steel #22 (June, 1993)

This one is a bit of a cheat, as there's technically three covers (regular, deluxe exterior, and deluxe interior.) Regardless, they're all cool, and this is the first full Steel story, which made me an instant fan.

Honorable Mentions:
52 #14 What's with all the black male heroes being stripped down to bare chests?
Action Comics #807 (The Natasha bot gets a lovely cover.)
Hardware #17 (Similar concepts with wildly divergent characterizations played off one another.)
Steel #1 (Too static to rate inclusion.)

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Top 10 Captain Comet Covers

My interest in Captain Comet started out as youthful curiosity regarding comics' original heroic mutant, the first post-Golden Age super-hero, and the only long underwear type openly active in the 1950s. From his modern age appearances, I came to know him as a lovable old school stiff, and dug that he was an obscurity brought back in the '70s to battle the Secret Society of Super-Villains from within. Only recently did I decide to finally take the plunge and try collecting his solo adventures, only to discover some seriously obvious gay subtext running throughout his early career. So, not only will this cover gallery represent what I feel are the character's best frontpieces, but also an opportunity to make lewd jokes and promote the queer agenda. Who's up for a trip to Uranus?

10) Strange Adventures #40 (January, 1954)

Shrinking and going bald! Every man's nightmare!

9) Strange Adventures #27 (December, 1952)

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with himself, Captain Comet anticipates his aughts reboot. Plus, the two faces of Blake argue over whom the cop in the tight pants with the provocatively posed rifle will fire upon, until the piece officer chooses to blast them both. Up against the wall, pervps!

8) DC Special Series #6 (November, 1977)

The Man of Destiny presents his ass to the entire Justice League of America and the Secret Society of Super-Villains, exclaiming that he could be struck anytime and anywhere! En garde!

7) Mystery In Space #7 (May, 2007)

A proportionately childlike Adam Blake turns his back to the viewer while walking toward the crotch of a deviant alien priest, whose arms are outstretched in an ecstatically welcoming posture. Hail Mary!

6) L.E.G.I.O.N. #44 (August, 1992)

A vibrant Kevin Maguire cover that for once showcases Comet's mental powers. What?

5) Strange Adventures #17 (February, 1952)

Gil Kane drawing man-made-men rising up from puddles of seminal goo? Not only does this cover look great, but the only way it could play up the queer subtext of the series any more would be if Comet were pushing the girl "out of harm's way."

4) Mystery In Space #1 (November, 2006)

Adam Blake casts off his wrinkled old man flesh for a tight young body and a nice big phallic symbol. Note the streaking star seed and the smoke drifting out out of old Blake's crotch, as though he just ejaculated his new self.

3) Strange Adventures #33 (June, 1953)

Pink skies? Bondage? Miniature humans working out of a yellow hive pocked with entry points? Evil mocking giant sentient bug gently stroking Captain Comet's arm? This cover is what would happen if Freud and Kafka had a love child.

2) Strange Adventures #39 (December, 1953)

Gorilla covers are a monkey's paw full of win anyway, but Blake as the prosecuting attorney arguing to send Coco to death row? That's the face of awesome.

1) Strange Adventures #9 (June, 1951)

This image doesn't make a lot of character sense, because it isn't like Adam Blake was some dapper chap thrust into the role of spaceman. However, it is the first Captain Comet cover upon his original appearance, and striking besides. Also: Metrosexuality.

Honorable Mentions:
Mystery In Space #6 (Comet fighting his way out of an enormous flesh-eating space penis.)
Strange Adventures #10 (Captain Comet ignores hot space chick in a mini-skirt to focus on giant nude infantilized alien.
Mystery In Space #2 (Adam Blake is a wanted man!)
Secret Society of Super-Villains #10 (Getting beat-up by Grodd, Star Sapphire and the Wizard.)
Strange Adventures #35 (Chess board action!)
DC Comics Presents #22 (Captain Comet is out of control, and shoots himself at Superman!)
Secret Society of Super-Villains #2 (In another example of working through sexual frustration, Captain Comet decks that paragon of heterosexuality, Hal "Green Lamtern" Jordan.)

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The Linkypeux of 5.23.2010

John Henry gave his life against the Inky Poo to prove a man could overcome a machine. Frank Lee Delano fights a losing weekly battle against the internet, so that his sacrificed time might save your own.


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Wednesday Is A Dollar Comic Day For All I Care #66

What's Next? Green Lantern #29 Special Edition (2008/10)
Image Firsts: Girls #1 (2005/10)
Image Firsts: Youngblood #1 (1992/2008/2010)
Thor: Marvel's Greatest Comics #1 (2007/10)

Green Lantern #29 Special Edition (DC,2008/10, $1.00)
I love comic book history, both real and imagined, but where's the fucking future in constant navel gazing? Here's another Year One layered with retcons, including Hal Jordan now having met John Stewart in a military bar brawl. Listen, I don't care about your super-hero's daddy issues, or his sibling tensions, or how Carol Ferris was ready to jump Hal's prepubescent johnson before Hitgirl would have learned the word "cunt." For me, Hal Jordan died back in the '90s, and I should be reading about Kyle Rayner. I'm not speaking as a member of the Rayner fan club, but as a guy who figures a concept as broad as the Green Lantern Corps should allow for interesting new developments, not slobbing the knob of a middle-aged conservative mass murderer who was a boring twat when I started reading comics decades ago. So fuck your outdated fixation on jet planes, fuck cliche military riffs from '40s pictures, fuck John Stewart as a jarhead, fuck slugging your c.o. without doing hard time and fuck playing out Alan Moore short stories from the fucking '80s. Oh, but the art's pretty, and the story is competent, so fuck me for expecting anything more.

Image Firsts: Girls #1 (Image, 2005/2010, $1.00)
Girls seems to have been a pretty well received book in its day, and the script is solid enough to bear that out. Still, reading this introductory priced reissue as a single serving, the whole thing is just winding up a sexually frustrated asshole for sixteen pages, bookended by ominous foreshadowing. The visual storytelling functions well, but the figures are stiff, and the individual faces anything but. Everyone looks like they’re related to one another. I figure the point of these books is to lure readers to the trade paperback collections, but I’m instead put off by the likelihood it would take a full trade to get a couple issues worth of plot across.

Image Firsts: Youngblood #1 (Image, 1992/2008/2010, $1.00)
My brother turned me on to Rob Liefeld via the final few issues of his New Mutants run, and I followed X-Force on my own into the 20s. This also led me to collect Liefeld back issues at inflated prices, especially considering I was only earning about $1.25 an hour doing yard work. In the days I tried really hard to draw, I could swipe Liefeld easier and better than any of the other Image founders. All this is to say, I was there when the original Youngblood #1 shipped, and can confirm that as big of an idiot as I was back then, even I realized Liefeld had shit the bed. I might have still been in denial about the obvious deficits in Liefeld’s anatomy and storytelling, seeing as that would have also meant owning up to how poorly my own artistic development was coming along. Regardless of that, I was literate enough to know Liefeld’s X-Force plots spun their wheels in the mud at 3500 rpm, and that Youngblood was somehow even worse. Liefeld just kept introducing variations on the same stock “extreme” characters and costumes, hoping that he could pile bodies onto this thing so deep no one could see the shitstorm through the walls off assholes. And then Brigade came out, which was like eating Youngblood and shitting it out again. Brigade was pretty much the nadir of Image Comics, the poster child for the ruination of the comics industry, from which it never fully recovered. Of course, Marvel and DC doing their level best to out doo-doo Image was the drip on top of the mound.

A few years back, Liefeld tried to redeem his magnum orifice by having Joe Casey re-dialogue, reorder, and generally attempt to edit into comprehensibility the first Youngblood mini-series. Casey does his best, but he retains the heart of the series while trying to realize Liefeld’s stated but unrealized intentions for the series at the time. The result is as soulless and stupid as the original, except with additional dated references, an improved linearity, and the removal of the excuse that there were no actual comic writers involved with the initial production. Since Casey actual knows where this retarded nonsense ambled to, he’s able to do some foreshadowing, build something that vaguely resembles characterization, and remove some of the unfortunate “kewl” misogyny. It still makes me embarrassed for my younger self for taking so long to realize the emperor had fat thighs and tiny feet… and inflatable jackets… and cockeyes… and fucked perspective… and…

Thor MGC #1 (Marvel, 2007/10, $1.00)
I remember Oliver Coipel's old Legion and Avengers work, when he looked like early Jim Cheung inked with a Sharpee. Clearly, I wasn't exactly enamored with his team books, but goddamn, he's a fine bitch now! I can see why folks got so hard over this series, even when fuck all happens in the first issue beyond ambiguous flashbacks and existentialist musings inside the brain of friggin' Thor. I miss the the faux-Shakespearean dialogue, which was a big part of the fun in reading either Conan or this here thunder god. It's alright, I guess, but Coipel's the selling point. Who wants to bet JMS' Wonder Woman is just a pedestrian reworking of this shit, though?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Linkypeux of 5.19.2010

John Henry gave his life against the Inky Poo to prove a man could overcome a machine. Frank Lee Delano fights a losing weekly battle against the internet, so that his sacrificed time might save your own.


Art & Photograpy
Houston Art Car Parade 2010 (Damn Cool Pics)
dark universe. (Random Picture Day)
I Am An American (Rob Kelly Illustration)
From The Vault: Marilyn - 2004 (Rob Kelly Illustration)
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Daria & Mikael (This Photo Life)

Television Of The Weak: Everybody Goes And Takes Their Pants Off (The Factual Opinion)

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A Frank Review of "Iron Man 2: The IMAX Experience" (2010)

The Short Version? Iron. Man. Two.
What Is It? Super-Hero Flick.
Who Is In It? The Pick-Up Artist. Shakespeare's Love. Woody Allen's masturbation fantasy. The Wrestler. Chuck Barris.
Should I See It? Yes.

I figured my girlfriend ought to see the first Iron Man movie before we caught the sequel, and she fell hard for the charisma, the cars, and the engineering geekery of that initial outing. We were both hella busy for the week afterward, so I called my Iron Man fan buddy to see if we could hold off on a screening until the sequel’s second weekend of release. In the meantime, I skimmed reviews, carefully avoiding spoilers, and determined the consensus was that Iron Man 2 was too busy and came up short of the original’s charm.

This is a constant issue with super-hero movies, falling under studio and licensor pressure for bigger, better, faster and more. It made me think that one of these days, a sophomore effort should buck the trend by embracing it. Make an episodic movie, broken up into half hour or so segments, spotlighting new characters. Instead of trying to give a villain an arc, give their origin(s,) then lead them directly to their one round defeat by the hero. You could almost do it as a concept piece, giving sections off to different directors and letting them make their own mini-movies with the super-heroic lead as a linking device. Iron Man could be the Keyser Soze of a film structured like Pulp Fiction with a group of former Soviet villains training for a segment, and maybe one of the Titanium Men buying it at the end. In the meantime, you could set up the Gremlin, Red Guardian, Crimson Dynamo, another TM or whatever for a sequel that could get straight to the story, as the set-up was already out of the way. Black Widow couldn’t support a whole movie, but give her and Hawkeye a segment where she steals plans for an Iron Man armor while seducing Hawkeye to pit his low tech archery against weak points discovered in the armor. It worked in Vietnam, its working in the desert wars, it’s how Stan Lee did it, and how a movie could do it again. Give the audience a series of smaller pay-offs, send them home happy, and then really own them come installment number three.

Well, Iron Man 2 didn’t do that. The main story is that the device that keeps Tony Stark alive is fairly rapidly poisoning him, so he’s got to find a cure. Unfortunately, he’s distracted by seventeen subplots that keep the movie from being about anything but set pieces and characters. Fortunately, those set pieces are fairly well constructed and diverse, as are most of the characters, so the movie manages to coast on those charms. Still, there are areas where the flick tries to be sober, but the gravitas isn’t there, and the relationships aren’t as strong this time out. This is the thinking man’s stupid popcorn movie, clever enough not to offend, and entertaining so long as you don’t pause to analyze anything.

I don’t need to tell you Robert Downey Jr. is awesome, so we’ll skip that. Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t as enjoyable this time, as she’s forced into a role of such great responsibility that she has no time to flirt while cleaning up Tony Stark’s increasingly messy leavings. Sam Jackson’s looking a little pudgy as Nick Fury, but he’s having fun, and it was cool that both of Stark’s main bromances of the film were with brothers.

Jeff Bridges was so powerful as Obadiah Stane, that attempting to compete with him would be madness. There was a familial intimacy between Stane and Stark that couldn’t be replicated, and I loved how his firm hand on Tony’s shoulder usually mean his other paw was up the ass, working him like a puppet. In retrospect, there was a lot of Justin Hammer, the mafia don of technophiles, in Bridges’ Stane, so what did that leave Sam Rockwell? Well, this is Justin Hammer in name only, truly a poseur Tony Stark motivated by jealousy to overtake the real deal. Regardless, Rockwell steals every scene he’s in, partially because of his character’s awareness of when he falls short of the mark, whereas Downey’s Stark sometimes overestimates himself to the point of teasing an audience backlash. I love RDJ, but he’s not quite as cool as Stark is supposed to be, and Rockwell’s intentional posturing almost comes off as a mockery of RDJ’s arrogance as Stark.

Meanwhile, Mickey Rourke’s physical presence may be bigger than Bridges’, but his screen presence is running at an unusually low wattage here. Usually, you don’t so much cast Rourke as unleash him in a role, but it feels like the lion’s share of his eccentricities were left on the cutting room floor. His Whiplash has moments, but never fully comes across as a threat, and has too few scenes to play of Downey.

I’ve come to appreciate Terrence Howard’s performance in the first film, but had he returned, Rhodey’s strained relationship with Stark would have come off more as quarreling lovers than friends. Blessedly, Don Cheadle has the stones to pull off acting as a War Machine, and is the best black super-hero the silver screen has seen after Blade. I do wish Cheadle would rock a goatee, though, but he has good tension with Downey, and I hope he gets to continue strutting into the Avengers movie.

The one unforgivable weak link in the picture is Scarlett Johansson, a performer so poor even Paltrow, one of the least worthy Academy Award winning actresses in recent memory, can run circles around her. Johansson has no range whatsoever, and even her face seems mostly frozen in sex doll mode. She’s about the worst reasonable choice to play Natasha Romanov, but her character is sort of a mash-up with Bethany Cabe anyway, though her personality vacuum means this is inferred more by her hair and how she’s positioned at Stark Industries than anything else. Things only get worse when the Black Widow suits up for battle, by which I mean a totally unconvincing Johansson awkwardly assuming positions intercut with a blatantly obvious stunt double. An effervescent Russian secret agent with a gymnast's body who can bring the kung-fu grip? Milla Jovovich was born to play this role, but barring that, any random Soviet Bloc model could have made a more lasting and legitimate impression, no acting experience necessary. Thankfully, Johansson’s prominence was massively overplayed in the advertising, as her role is both small and undemanding.

Finally, at my friend's insistence, we saw this in the best "IMAX" theater in town, but seeing as the picture wasn't shot in IMAX, it was a wasted expense. Unless you're seated middle center, and we weren't, you're only going to strain yourself unnecessarily to see the whole screen. I'm glad Favreau isn't a flashy director, because it was only during the most rapidly cut scenes I couldn't forget the IMAX and avoid eye irritation.

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The Linkypeux of 5.16.2010

John Henry gave his life against the Inky Poo to prove a man could overcome a machine. Frank Lee Delano fights a losing weekly battle against the internet, so that his sacrificed time might save your own.


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Wednesday Is Brightest Day For All I Care #65

Adventure Comics #11/514
Blackest Night Director's Cut #1
Brightest Day #0
Titans: Villains For Hire Special #1

Adventure Comics #11/514 (DC, 2010, $3.99)
Thanks to 20/20 hindsight, I get it now. Kill Pa Kent to get Clark in an emotionally vulnerable place. Bring back a version of Kal-El’s lost world of Krypton so that he can become deeply invested. Develop the most familiar and popular interpretations of Brainiac, General Zod & company along the way. Blow up New Krypton to restore the pathos Superman lost Post-Crisis, hitting the reset button on a lot of valuable attributes lost since the mid-80s.

Perhaps if the story had remained in the Superman books where it belonged, it would have been better received and allowed to resolve itself at its own pace. Instead, DC got greedy, trying to launch a new take on Nightwing and Flamebird, as well as fix the Legion of Super-Heroes continuity left irreparably damaged by the Superman editorial office for twenty years. Even with two separate mini-series and a multi-book crossover dedicated to resolving the mess, a bunch of loose ends got dumped in the Superboy/Legion bifurcated title that’s been a hash all on its own.
If you’re wondering what the point of Jemm, Son of Saturn turning up a few months back was, here it is. If you’ve been reading R.E.B.E.L.S., a story point that launched that series winds up here. The motivation for Legionnaires running around in the present lately gets covered. That year Mon-El spent subbing for Superman was motivated by issues relating to the character for decades. This book will bring closure to plenty of tired old fans, assuming they hung in this long. Coupled with solid scripts and good art, the only real complaint is that you have to buy Adventure Comics to wrap a bunch of other series.

Blackest Night Director's Cut #1 (DC, 2010, $5.99)
I’m a movie buff, so I spend a lot of time going through the special features on my DVDs. Like double dipping a home video release, this is the comic book equivalent of such a cash grab. The reason to buy it is the thirty pages of design art related to the series, mostly by Joe Prado, as he reworks a few hundred different characters. A shame the editor in his finite wisdom stamped “UNUSED” in giant red letters over one design that never saw print anywhere else. The showcase is informative as well, seeing as I wasn’t even aware some of these characters were dead, and considering the editor neglects to mention the exact circumstances surrounding a few, I’m not entirely sure they all were, prior to being used.

There’s a gallery of all the covers related to the series, in which the rarest variants are typically cropped sideways or otherwise obscured for your viewing frustration. There are a couple of “deleted scenes” which were never drawn. As is typical, they were mildly interesting but inessential. An unpublished Greg Horn variant cover of Black Lantern Kilowog stepping on Kyle Rayner reiterates art as the primary virtue of the book. A heavily visual two page look at the production of Blackest Night action figures, followed by a two page spread of the figures produced to date, is just a thinly disguised advertisement.

The two primary elements of ballast are a “commentary track” and the script for the first issue. In this modern age of mixed caps and computer lettering, I’m surprised the ancient method of indicating emboldened text THROUGH WRITING IN ALL CAPS is still being employed. It’s like how in the olden days, every sentence had to end with either an exclamation or question mark. I figure most people read comics in an internal monotone, so I fail to see the point of using bold words to direct line readings. Beyond that outmoded curiosity, there’s nothing in the script you couldn’t be better served reading off the comic page.

In my experience, good commentary tracks usually involve candid directors, writers and/or producers getting into all the fine details of a film’s production. Bad commentary tracks often involve a circle jerk of actors talking about how much fun they had working together, when not going silent to watch the film. The commentary here falls into the latter category, with everyone blowing one another, or making the most banal “observations.” Ultimately, I recommend the book, but you should probably skip all the text unrelated to the design gallery.

Brightest Day #0 (DC, 2010, $3.99)
Oh shit, it’s Brightest Day! When this thing was coming out, I was hot to read it. Then I did, and promptly forgot to review it. You see, it turned out the zero issue was just an extended trailer for this and other series. The art by Fernando Pasarin is really nice, and I guess everybody deserved a breather after the big event book, but this is a preview of foreshadowing, y’know?

Titans: Villains For Hire Special #1 (DC, 2010, $4.99)
Mike Mayhew is 2-0 in killing prominent Asian characters in the DC Universe this year. Dr. Light better watch her ass, and I mean literally. The way Mayhew drew the lustily over-endowed Cheshire, he might be inclined to give her the Sue Dibny special on her way out.

Setting aside the whole shitty snuff mentality at DC these days, at least Eric Wallace’s script honors its hero with a worthwhile last stand that offers nods to the character’s history and supporting cast (at least as far as I know.) Deathstroke is a bad mother-fucking scumbag, and always has been, so he’s exactly the right kind of villain you want for your murder. Also, if you’ve been waiting for a comic to finally weaponize a twat, this book is for you.

The comic has two other artists besides Mayhew, and between their all looking great and the structure of the story involving numerous flashback sequences, it works. Still, why are these event massacres suddenly jam vehicles? Oh well, fuck it-- welcome to poorly edited and slowly drawn modern comics, right? If I wanted integrity, I’d stick with creator-owned work.

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The Linkypeux of 5.9.2010

John Henry gave his life against the Inky Poo to prove a man could overcome a machine. Frank Lee Delano fights a losing weekly battle against the internet, so that his sacrificed time might save your own.


Art & Photograpy
Cheerleaders of the 1960s (Damn Cool Pics)
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1986 Zatanna Sketch by Barry Crain (Justice League Detroit)
Green Lantern No. 32: "Power Battery Peril!" (1964) (Kingdom Kane)
*Tales To Astonish* No. 91, May 1967: "Whosoever Harms The Hulk!" (Kingdom Kane)
REVIEW: DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains Fandex (Once Upon A Geek)
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1998 Hasbro JLA IV - The Atom Action Figure (Power of the Atom)
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(Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!!)
Mighty Marvel Pin-Up from Hulk Annual #1 (1968) (Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!!)
Review: DC Super Heroes and Villains Fandex (Speed Force)
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