Tuesday, January 29, 2008

True Facts by Larry Young

Since being reassigned to a numbingly repetative, brain-optional section of my workplace, I've taken to reading on the job. While I'm a library regular, I have largely abandoned prose fiction for-- oh, let's see... junior high? Anyway, I'm taking advantage of my otherwise miserable situation by catching up on novels and such I've bought in the decades since I had to gird myself for combat every time I entered a restroom, but never actually read. The first was "The Naked Artist" by Bryan Talbot, which made me laugh out loud repeatedly-- a rarity in general, as my sense of humor is positively Vulcan in its elusiveness. Anyone who enjoys a good, bawdy anecdote needs to pick that title up from Moonstone Publishing. Hmm. I'd planned a hotlink there, but Moonstone's site seems to suck. Let us move on to Amazon, then.

Next up was Larry Young's "True Facts," purported to be "comics' righteous anger" and "a pocket guide to self-publishing your own comic books." You will find no link to AiT/PLANETLAR either, because this book is a piece of shit. I see no sign of this supposed "righteous anger." I instead see the publisher of a line of books that have never interested me publishing a collection of dull, most uninformative and self-whoring web articles that I frankly wouldn't have continued reading in their original free format. The "publishing guide" takes up only five slim "chapters" of information that, if you were unable to gather on your own, would have saved you the trouble of failing at publishing anyway. The rest is padded with only the least insightful editorial material and most unimpressive anecdotal notations-- hmm, pretty much ever. This is what, the tenth or so "NURGH!" post I've put up? I could collect them into a similar format and still improve on "True Facts," the least inspiring title in history, if only by virtue of brevity. I will gladly ship this 120page turd to the first person who bothers to send me an address, at my own expense.

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