Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ineffectual Video Commentary

I was at The Aquaman Shrine yesterday, where I came upon the following embedded video...

This fellow, speaking as a representative of Aquaman fandom, repeatedly states that he has no idea why he's a fan, has little idea why people make fun of Aquaman, and offers up exactly one example of quality Aquaman reading. Also, he attributes the non-starter Aquaman/Wonder Woman romance to writer Grant Morrison, when in fact it was the criminally unappreciated Christopher Priest. More and more recently, I've been exposed to guys like this and those nimrods at The Stack, and I've got to say, epic fail. These people are neither funny nor informative, and they irritate me something fierce.

They say that on the internet, everyone is famous to fifteen people. With this quality of banter, I'd add that fame will only last Andy Warhol's prescribed fifteen minutes. I love the democratization that has come in the age of YouTube, but if fifteen million people post videos where they ramble on for fifteen minutes to no positive effect, who on Earth will have the time to bother sifting through all that garbage. If you're going to broadcast your opinions in this manner, you must be articulate, focused, and entertaining. If you cannot manage that on the spot, write a script and stick to it. Also, honestly, none of these dorks are doing any favors for the image of the fan community in their ill-fitting genre t-shirts, so it might not be a bad idea to distract from this with more comic book imagery.

It seems to me this sort of material should be like blipverts-- so quick and effective they're over before you've fully digested them into your consciousness. Instead, I'm left sitting with my head in my hand, waiting for these assholes to stop bickering and/or stammering, not unlike what I too often had to do in my comic shop days. Come to think of it, one of the main reasons I closed my shop was because my partner and I were so sick of hearing this kind of inane bullshit repeated ad nauseum, at greater length, and on a daily basis. Please, people, get your shit together or shut the hell up.

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