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Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade (1978) Conclusion: The Girls of Madame Claude

Character Name: Emanuelle
Actress: Laura Gemser
Actual Movie Title: "La Via Della Prostituzione"
Known Aliases: "Emanuelle and the Girls of Madame Claude"; "Black Emanuelle in Afrika"; "Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade"
Country of Origin: Italy
Character Nationality: United States
Occupation: Photojournalist
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Locales: Nairobi, San Diego
Release Date: April 20, 1978 (Italy)
Director: Joe D'Amato
DVD: Black Emanuelle's Box, Vol. 2 (1976-1978)
Stats: Seventh Black Emanuelle

Story: While touring a market, Emanuelle spots the girl from the airport, now on her feet, being drug around by the man who seemed to buy her. Rivetti believes he's American, and in the white slave trade. Emanuelle, Susan and Rivetti have an irritatingly choppy three-way, filled with time lapses and black screens. On the way to the airport, Susan tells Emanuelle she learned the name of the slaver, Francis Harley (Gabriele Tinti.) They say their goodbyes, as Emanuelle returns to New York, and Susan to her mechanic.

At her newspaper offices, Emanuelle asks Walter about Harley, and is directed to a fashion photographer friend of hers, Jim Bonds (Bryan Rostron.) Jim in turn directs her to Eva Treddle, a model who fell for Harley, and a hostess at "Sailor's." Eva was out of contact, but directed Emanuelle to Ray Hamilton, a jockey that gives Harley betting tips. A few bribes later, she had access to a teenage white slave auction (virgins a valued premium,) where she snapped pictures with her lighter. She met with Jim Bonds again to relate her finds and intention to infiltrate the prostitution ring. Emanuelle begins crossing Francis Harley's path until he invites her to work a private club in San Diego. Before she leaves, Emanuelle hooks up with Jim in his dark room.

In San Diego, Emanuelle meets Madame Claude (Gota Gobert,) who explains that if she's discreet, Emanuelle will amass a small fortune within two years. If not, a powerful organization will close her mouth forever. Emanuelle stores a full-sized camera in her room, asks too many questions of the wrong people, and wanders where she knows it's prohibited. Her first client is too timid to initiate sex with women, so Emanuelle gives the Senator (Tom Felleghy) an intimate massage. Madame Claude watches behind a two-way mirror while fondling a young girl and herself. Emanuelle is later visited by Stephen (Nicola D'Eramo,) Madame Claude's transvestite confidant. The encounter with the senator was such a success, Stephen wanted to test Emanuelle's abilities on himself. She replied, "There are things that leave me cold," but she manages to sleep with him anyway, smiling the whole time.

Emanuelle trails Madame Claude to a forbidden adjunct, where she finds Claude and clients having sex with underage girls (just make believe, folks!) Emanuelle took lighter shots (I'd have said "flicked her Bic," but the assumed euphemism was not in effect under these circumstances.) "Sixteen-year-old" Midget, who tried to escape the compound, was later reported to have "fallen" to her death down a flight of stairs. For some reason, Emanuelle switched to the full-size camera once she snuck into Madame Claude's office to photograph documents. She's caught by Stephen, but talks the transvestite into helping her escape in exchange for an alibi when the police inevitably come knocking. Stephen agrees, but when the pair try to hide out at a bowling alley, Madame sends a gang after them. Stephen fends them off for a good while, but is beaten to death with a bowling pin, and Emanuelle is gang raped.

Madame Claude believes Emanuelle knows too much, so she'd drugged and committed. Dr. Rhine claims "Now days, a lobotomy can do miracles on patients like her. She won't remember a thing, and she'll live happily in complete oblivion." Others had been "lost" during the procedure, but the feeling is it would be best to keep the journalist alive through improved methods. "We'll operate on her tomorrow morning."
A lesbianic nurse complicit in these actions began to molest the bound Emanuelle in her hospital bed. "It's the first time I've done it with a woman. I rather like it, but wouldn't it be possible to give me something to relax me a little bit. I feel so tensed up." Emanuelle talked herself out of her bonds, then managed to drug the nurse after some obligatory caressing. Emanuelle actually wrestles with the nurse and wins-- no mean feat when you weight 65 lbs. and get raped every other movie.

Emanuelle tricked some of Madame Claude's "orderlies" into thinking she escaped out the window, but instead snuck through the hospital in the nurse's uniform. She hid in a laundry basket, and escaped in the service van. Somewhere along the way, she scored some shoes, and made her way to a fishing boat. Emanuelle called in her story to her editor, Mr. Hardy, who contacted the police. She also planned another date with Jim Barnes. Emanuelle finally had to willingly pay the ship crew for the trip from San Diego to Los Angeles with her body. "...My next article is on Sweden..."

Notes: Gota Gobert, who played Madame Claude, had a cameo in "Emanuelle in America."

Summation: Black Emanuelle movies have a story the way Uwe Boll flicks have direction-- in only the strictest sense of the term. Actually, co-writer/director Joe D'Amato was very much a Uwe Boll of his time, so that makes its own sense.

Trivia: "Kentucky Fried Movie" appears on a marquee.

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