Friday, December 25, 2009

1997 Wizard Magazine Holiday Present Tags

Featuring Deadpool, the Strangers in Paradise girls, Kevin Matchstick of Mage, Madman, the Silver Surfer, Ash, Gen13, Darkchylde, and Power Man himself, Luke Cage. "Sweet Christmas" indeed.


mathematicscore said...

Man, Luke Cage sure went through a lot of crappy revisions before his current acceptable take.

Diabolu Frank said...

I actually quite liked Pasqual Ferry's update of the character in the 90s Heroes for Hire series. I preferred him in the yellow shirt from earlier issues, but otherwise, I thought Ferry did a good job of keeping trademarks like the sideburns and chain belt without it looking entirely dated. Meanwhile, Luke Cage is currently a random goateed bald black guy in jeans and (sometimes) a shirt. He's just a dude, indistinguishable from several other black heroes in plainclothes. I don't recognize him as the character I grew up with anymore, and am completely disinterested in his current adventures.

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always


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