Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Walking Dead Volume 13: Too Far Gone (2010)

"Too Far Gone" opens with Abraham Ford sitting on the side of his bed, sweating the prospect of revisiting zombieland, with his girlfriend blissfully sleeping. My first thought was that I couldn't care less about Rosita Espinosa, to the point where I had to research her name online. I like Abraham, and his new living situation is one of the highlights of this volume, but Rosita's just lying there, waiting to die.

Eugene Porter served his purpose, and I can't recall if he even appears in this edition. Gabriel Stokes has an excellent role to play here for a number of pages, but then he vanishes, because that role was all he had to offer. They dug up Morgan Jones a while back, and he serves a useful function for about a page. Maggie Greene has been around for a long time, takes care of Sophia, and they're both Glenn's supporting cast. These are people who'll live until they die, as is their lot.

There was a nurse who acted as doctor during the prison arc, and now there's a female doctor. It's hard to tell in black and white, but I believe the old one was blond, and the new one's a redhead. There's a love interest for Andrea. There's a new black guy who cares about his buddy that's going to die. There's some new jerky guys who'll get what's coming to them. These are people who'll die-- die! They're all new friends, but they'll die.

Surreality and nihilism define this story. The cast regulars are all in fine form, and they're all aware. Rick's back in cop mode, Glenn is the cunning sneak thief again, Andrea's taking her shots, Abraham's still a hard ass, Michonne and Carl are just waiting for the zombies to come home to feast. Douglas Monroe is the one new character with multiple facets and staying power, but he still looks set for a grim fate. There's our cast, and then there's bait. Motions are gone through, and they're an entertaining diversion, but this is just the wait before the tears.

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