Friday, January 18, 2008


Johns Jones managed to reach the deeply missed defender of the Earth, Captain Comet. Briefly returning to his home world, the Man of Destiny used his unfathomably powerful telepathy to locate every Lizard-Man on Earth, and even a few on nearby satellites. Finally, the threat of the Lizard-Men was at an end, and Jones could focus on more mundane, terrestrial concerns.

One morning at his police precinct, Jones was called into the office of his superior, Captain Harding. There, he was met by visiting guest Henry Heywood, who insisted the hero call him "Hank." Despite the warmth of Heywood's words, there was a severe undercurrent of anger and disgust when the Lizard-Men came up. Captain Harding was startled by the mention of such a bizarre notion, and Jones was surprised "Hank" hadn't just erupted into a geyser of blood. Heywood continued, "Jones, we need men like you to keep us safe from this type of filth. I swear to you, I won't rest until every alien freak is deported off our planet for good! What kind of state would we be in if we didn't remain vigilant, son?"

"What indeed," answered Jones, with no small disdain of his own.


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