Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What the... nurgh...?

My name is not Rob Kelly. I have to tell myself this every now and then, whenever I start thinking about how bitchin' a daily Vanth Dreadstar or Marshal Law blog would be. I already have one blog I spend way too much time on, fixating on the Martian Manhunter. I do not have enough hours in my day for a slew of these damned things.

My name is also not Frank Lee Delano, but that one I'll go by regardless. I used to be a message board addict, but went cold turkey many years back with few regrets. However, I'm an opinionated son of a bitch, so I eventually started a MySpace blog. My more geekcentric stuff just didn't fly over there though, so I tried to get it out of my system commenting on other people's blogs. That was more frustrating than anything, as some bloggers just aren't very sociable/responsive/resolute, and I was forced to stick with whatever they happened to talk about. You know-- audiophile blogs stick with music, cinephiles film, and so on.

So one day, I'd dropped what I thought was an amusing comment regarding the replacement Captain America on Valerie D'Orazio Occasional Superheroine blog, to the usual lack of any acknowledgement whatsoever, and said to myself "fuck this noise." So I went back, cut & paste, and stuck it on an additional blog. I wasn't going to update it with any regularity, nor pimp it in any way. I'd just stick anything I decided I wanted to save for posterity here. Well, then Michael Netzer found and commented on the sucker. Plus, y'know, I'm never at a loss for something to talk about. Maybe one more, intended to cover everything under the sun, would be alright. At least so long as I stuck with strictly one post per day, just as I've done at the Idol-Head of Diabolu.

So far, I've managed to not even do that, which for me is a good thing. However, I finally finished, ish, that big ass and highly meticulous banner. Good luck naming everyone, if you're so inclined. It is hardly all inclusive, as the list of people I'd like to have added started growing as soon as I posted the sucker here. No! Nerd! Ugh! Argh! You're not touching it anymore, damn it!

So this will be an amorphous blog. I will likely post once daily. It will be random, though the sampling available to date should give you an idea of where I'll generally head. To avoid trying to come up with something achingly pretentious, I've titled the blog after an onomatopoeia I'm prone to use, especially when driving, hence the cheesy picture. I hope the nurgh does your body good, and that'll you'll bounce by again...


Damian said...

Never, NEVER I say, did I think would come the day where Ken Foree and Stephen Root would be featured on the same banner.

Just isn't possible...

rob! said...

a Dreadstar blog would be pretty cool.

Diabolu Frank said...


Golly, but I'm terse with these ...nurgh... responses. This is going to be a piece of cake.


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