Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Angel and the Ape (2001)

Just look at that cover by Art Adams, one of four produced for the series. Doesn't that look fun? The story would seem to write itself, wouldn't it? It may very well have, as the mini-series was lightweight to the point of ephemera. It's entirely too cute, with its endless pun names, cheesecake, and passing nods at sitcom humor. Certainly Phillip Bond's interior art is worth flipping through, making you wish he'd been tapped for that recent "Tank Girl" revival. There's nothing in Howard Chaykin and David Tischman's script to earn any ire. It's just, y'know, there's nothing much else in there, either. Its only sin is its puerile faux hipness; reminding one more of the graying middle class writers DC would have assigned this book to in its original 60's run than anything warranting a "Mature Readers" label.

Note: This is a review of a mini-series for which no trade collection is available.

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