Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Emanuelle in America (Part 2, 1976)

Character Name:
Actress: Laura Gemser
Actual Movie Title: Emanuelle in America
Known Aliases: "Brutal Nights," "Black Emanuelle en Amérique"
Country of Origin: Italy
Character Nationality: U.S.A.
Character Age:
Occupation: Photographer (news, nudes)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Locales: New York
Release Date: January 5, 1977 (Italy)
Director: Joe D'Amato
DVD: Emanuelle In America (1976)
Stats: Third Black Emanuelle, 2nd with Laura Gemser

Story: Emanuelle meets with Joe(Efrem Appel,) who's coaching a pair of boxers sparring at his gym. "Hey baby-- better get you outta here. You're distracting the boys." Walking the streets outside, Joe explained his boxing career of "Eighty-seven knock-outs in eighty-eight fights" was cut short by politics and Eric van Darren (Lars Bloch.) The champion had buckshot in his gloves, but rich "crackerbox" van Darren saw to it a blind eye was turned. Joe had told Emanuelle all about it before, so she groaned and asked for the hot lead he'd promised. Joe had learned from his friend Charlie (Salvatore Baccaro) that van Darren was setting up his own private harem of a dozen women identified only by their zodiac sign. "Now I happen to know he has a vacancy for a Virgo."
"But I'm a Gemini."
"Just leave it to me. I can do things to your passport that you wouldn't believe, baby!"

Later, a white sedan drove Emanuelle to van Darren's estate, where she was met by the suspicious Charlie, who shows her to her room. Charlie explains that van Darren chooses how his girls dress. Seeing as none of the selections leave much to the imagination anyway, Emanuelle unashamedly strips out of the clothes she arrived in for a bath. "Oh, Joe didn't tell me you were so cold. I thought we'd be friends." She giggles as he exits. Later, Charlie gives Emanuelle a bracelet with van Darren's initials on it that must be worn at all times. Emanuelle works her magic on the uptight Charlie, until he tosses her on the bed for a romp.

Emanuelle hides a miniature camera in her bracelet, then walks the grounds. She bypasses his row of cars to take snaps of his two private jets. In the stables, a crate marked for horse shoes houses assault rifles, which are photographed. Emanuelle hears Charlie coming, and plays innocent as he escorts her out of these restricted areas. Back to being a stiff, Charlie explains that the girls are meant to do as they're told and remain available at the boss' discretion. Emanuelle meets her fellows, and learns the last Virgo was an Italian let go when she refused to drop fifteen pounds. "So he paid her off and sent her home." Though uncredited, Koike Mahoco from Orient Reportage and Black Cobra appears to be one of the zodiac. In the background Pedro the horse whinnies, as a certain little bitch is at it again, as the boss likes it...

Emanuelle goes swimming in the pool, which of course means it's time for a pale imitation of the same set-up from the original Emmanuelle... except with an extra girl and more crotch rubbing. Afterward, while sunning on the lawn, the boss hovers at Emanuelle's side. Creepy Eric van Darren thought "good old Joe" had made a nice choice for him. "We'll get acquainted later." The boss first had to meet with his dear duke. "You're the only guest I've had who hasn't taken advantage of the facilities, yet you're one of the most refined persons I know. What is it that isn't to your taste?" Alfredo Elvize, Duke of Mount Elba (Gabriele Tinti,) is still governed by traditional sentimentality it seems. van Darren sees the pursuit of proper women as wasted energy that could be better used for acquiring power. His harem allows van Darren to indulge whatever taste he has at a given time, effortlessly.

For instance, van Darren takes the Duke and his other girls to the stables, where a member of the zodiac with a taste for bestiality undresses and actually jerks off Pedro the horse on camera (both Emanuelle's and the picture director's. The canned sound effects are hysterical.)

...To Be Continued...

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