Friday, February 6, 2009

nurgh's Worst. Songs. Ever. #2: Heartspark Dollarsign by Everclear

Everclear's songwriting is consistently awkward, poorly rhymed when they bother, and repetitive in theme. The best/worst example I can think of is "Heartspark Dollarsign," which somehow manages to mash-up trailer park lust & self-aggrandizement with a soapbox for white liberal guilt. Added bonus: One of the most dreadful choruses of all time. "She says, she says, 'you're possessed of a power that's bigger than the pain!" What, was Art Alexakis channeling Celine Dion or something? The song continues Everclear's generic 70's inspired pop rock sound, often mistaken as "alternative" by people who accept press releases as breaking news. Oh, here's that skeevy video...

Heartspark Dollarsign

Time stops when the whispers blare
The voices drop hard, but the eyes still stare
The world resolves into a deaths head grin
Because I walk with pride with a black girlfriend

My mom said not to bring her around
Cause she's black
My family would put her down
I'll break the white-trash ties that bind
Trade a love so pure for a hate so blind

She said -- she said
Forget the fact that I don't look like you
She said -- she said
You're possessed with a power
Bigger than the pain

Time stops when we lie so close
In my room where we share
What no one knows
From the day that we start
Until the day that we end
I know I know I know now
We will never find a place where we can just fit in
Me and my black girlfriend

She said -- she said
Fend for yourself -- you're alone
She said -- she said
You are possessed with a power
Bigger than the pain

A power bigger than the pain

Heartspark dollarsign
Heartspark dollarsign

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