Friday, August 14, 2009

Action Comics #597 (February, 1988)


Lois Lane headed for Smallville to investigate Clark Kent's disappearance following Lana Lang's assault against him at the Daily Planet. Lane spied a crashed Manhunter ship.

At the Lang house, Lois found Lana in Superman's arms. Lane learned from the pair the story behind the Millennium crossover, but was asked to keep silent about the event. Lois asked if Superman was Clark Kent. Ma & Pa Kent arrived to deny they were one and the same, instead claiming they found Superman and raised him with their birth son Clark. Lois figured Clark and Superman had been jerking her around for years, handing her the occasional scoop. Lois was pissed, and wondered if she could return to the Planet under these conditions.

Later, Lana Lang led Lois Lane to lunch. The waitress was reading Lois' novel, Shadows on the Grass. Lana said Clark really loved Lois, and could never lead her on. Lana confessed Clark wasn't in love with her.

Lois returned to Metropolis, and checked in on Gangbuster. The fallen vigilante hero would probably never walk again, and wished he'd heeded Superman's warnings. The Man of Steel arrived to reveal that an autopsy of Combattor turned up nothing. Lois left, disregarding Superman.

by John Byrne with Leonard Starr & Keith Williams.

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