Sunday, August 16, 2009

Action Comics #598 (March, 1988)


Lois Lane was a bit miffed when the Quaracan Minister of Defense backed out of a scheduled interview just because the reporter was a woman. Before the Minister could give her a smack for her impertinence, the pair were kidnapped by terrorists led by the Jackal.

Aboard the U.S.S. Weisinger, prisoners had been taken by another group of terrorists, the Angels of Allah. This brought the attention of Checkmate, whose Knight-Two emancipated the Minister and Lois on land.

At sea, Superman also benefited from Checkmate's aid. The Angels rigged the ship's nuclear reactors to blow, so Superman sent them to the stratosphere.

The Minister was placed on his private jet and ordered back to Qurac by Knight-Two. Once in the air, Checkmate commanded a bomb on the plane to detonate over international waters.

Also, Superman sulked over a batch of recent personal problems and an irritated boner over Wonder Woman.

by Paul Kupperberg, John Byrne and Ty Templeton.

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