Friday, October 16, 2009

"Fashion Freak" and "Undo Redo" by Naked Ape

Written By: Naked Ape
Released: 2005/2006
Album: A Naked EP 12", For the Sake of the Naked Ape
Singles?: Yes.

Evil flesh-eating zombie chicks creeping your shit the fuck out while acting "hawt" over Swedish electronica. Happy anti-erotic Halloween!

Fashion Freak!

Cutting edge
above eyelashes
lungs by Audrey Ang
at the cross left
fringed liver by
Alexander McQueen

Valentino sharpens up
soft pastels with these
slim silk genitals
shaped along sporty lines

Minimalism can still produce surprises
here Karl Lagerfeld adds
a discrete flash on skin to Chanel's floorsweeping draped entrails

Don't forget taking your skin off
because pink works
it's sophisticated and sexy
stands out as springs
hottest color

From behind the close up organs
From behind the close up organs

Watch out here they come
make them happen

Undo Redo

She's the one you
She's the one who
She's the one you just can't see through

She's the one you
She's the one who
She's the one you
Undo Redo.

(repeat x10)

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