Saturday, January 9, 2010

Aquaman WB series fan intro and Dr. Katz skit

I'm a guy who stopped swimming for the most part in my early teens, hate the beach, and typically stick with showers-- but likes Aquaman. Well, I liked to swim as a kid, and I'd spend hours in the tub with my action figures, so maybe if I could get my He-Man groove on again... Anyway, Aquaman's like the patron super-hero of unfulfilled potential/inadequacy-- a character everyone knows of but few give enough of a shit about to ridicule. If you've read the comics, you might know he's also manic-depressive, passive-aggressive, and has lived one of the worst lives possible for a crime fighter. Not only was his WB pilot not picked up, but it wasn't even called "Aquaman." Available on ITunes for $2, "Mercy Reef" was named for the place where Aquaman's family left him to die as an infant because his blonde hair was seen as a curse. See, queen mom had an adulterous affair with an ancient sorcerer, and Aquaman survived to be raised by dolphins-- look, it's complicated. Point being, I like Aquaman, and it sucks to be him, so today's Aquaman appreciation day. Sure, the first video is of Dave Chapelle ripping on him, and the second is an unauthorized fan generated opening sequence for the nonexistant TV series, but its all done with love.

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