Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Try to contact Captain Comet with the Venusian device

The year is 1960, and Captain Comet flies his Cometeer rocket ship through the blackest reaches of space. The Man of Destiny hasn't been back to his home world of Earth in years, as he sojourns to find new life, and perhaps, his true place in the universe.

Suddenly, a message came over the communications relay. It was from J'onn J'onzz, a Martian turned defender of Earth, yet strangely, the message was in Venusian. The potent mind of Captain Comet is of course fluent in Venusian, and he acts without delay to comply with J'onzz's request.

Oh, I suppose you don't speak Venusian yourself? Luckily, we have a copy of Mr. Mind's Venusian Decoder Card handy to help you out. Decipher the message, and follow its directions!

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