Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Walking Dead Volume 14: No Way Out (2011)

You're Robert Kirkman, and you've already seen far more success with a fucking zombie comic than anybody would ever have dreamed possible. You've passed the three-quarters of a hunnerd mark, and you don't know if that (cable) network mini-series (season my ass) is going to go over. Understandably, you might feel pressure to simultaneously offer a major(ly hyped) story arc to capitalize on what might end up being the greatest visibility of your career. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I understand, and I forgive, but "No Way Out" was just okay.

As usual, we had our slow build volume or two, and this was supposed to be the pay-off. There's a couple of "oh fuck" splashes. One either didn't sell itself properly, or is just so common at this point as to have no impact. I think a two-page spread might have been in order, but that came later with the only real slap in the face offered. Unfortunately, I had that spoiled by a Tucker Stone review, so my response was "so that's where that happened." It's kind of telegraphed, so I like to think I would have seen it coming.

Without ruining it for anyone, it should come as no surprise that zombies overcome obstacles to get to innocent people. That's happened once or twice before, per volume, minimum. Nothing clever comes out of dealing with it. Fucked up shit happens to characters that had already outlived their usefulness. I won't say whether or not we lose another long lived cast member, but unless you're some kind of serious sissy, don't expect to shed any tears. Rick continues to test the outer limits of his being a sympathetic protagonist, but at this point he's already my least favorite old timer, so I'd be fine if he finally crossed the point of no return. Most of the people I like better had at least one strong character moment to dig on, and Carl got several. There's a twist or two, including the big resolution, but this one is really business as usual. Someone's saving the serious shit for the centennial, or we're in a holding pattern while Kirkman gives all those interviews for the TV show. Don't go forgettin' where ya come from, boy...

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