Saturday, April 5, 2008

Audio Neurotic Compilation: Garbage

Audio Neurotic Fixation is intended to encompass my album reviews and general music compulsiveness. Especially when I go track-by-track, those can be wearying. With this new variation, Audio Neurotic Compilation, I'll try to keep things more stripped-down. While I recognize the 80-minute burnt CD is becoming increasingly obsolete, I can't imagine artists churning out much longer than 45-60 minute albums in the future without doing more harm than good. In fact, with the age of the MP3 download upon us, it seems like the return of singles is the new wave. Still, offering a selection of tracks in a specific sequence intended to spotlight the best and longest-lived tracks by an artist will remain a valuable service to the public.

Today's group is Garbage, who are responsible for numerous singles that, following a decade of heavy rotation, are now unbearable to me. Despite being dismissed as more corporate unit shifters than an actual band, I honestly believe the group's best stuff tends to be album cuts that stray from their proven airplay formula. That said, I usually love sneaking in rarities with the b-sides, but with Garbage, I pulled up only one such offering. A box set, they don't need...

  1. Vow (Garbage, 1995)
  2. I Think I'm Paranoid (Version 2.0, 1998)
  3. Kick My Ass (Sweet Relief II: Gravity of the Situation - The Songs of Vic Chesnutt, 1996)
  4. A Stroke of Luck (Garbage, 1995)
  5. The Trick Is to Keep Breathing (Version 2.0, 1998)
  6. Bleed Like Me (Bleed Like Me, 2005)
  7. Drive You Home (Beautiful Garbage, 2001)
  8. As Heaven Is Wide (Garbage, 1995)
  9. Hammering in My Head (Version 2.0, 1998)
  10. Supervixen (Garbage, 1995)
  11. You Look So Fine (Version 2.0, 1998)
  12. Cup of Coffee (Beautiful Garbage, 2001)
  13. Medication (Version 2.0, 1998)
  14. Queer (Garbage, 1995)
  15. Metal Heart (Bleed Like Me, 2005)
  16. Untouchable (Beautiful Garbage, 2001)
  17. Parade (Beautiful Garbage, 2001)
  18. Happy Home (Bleed Like Me, 2005)

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