Friday, April 4, 2008

"D," "E" & "F": Things I Learned from "The Superhero Book"

  • I never knew Lev Gleason was so socially conscious in their work. I guess it's easy to lose sight of that with all the injury-to-the-eye hubub. Cue rimshot.

  • There was going to be a cartoon starring Daredevil in the 80's teaming him with Lightning the Super (Seeing-Eye) Dog? So besides ripping off the Lev Gleason DD and Dr. Mid-Nite, he was also going to riff on the Quality Comics Manhunter & Thor?

  • The Daredevil movie was well received? I think that one deserves a recount.

  • Jim Shooter wrote "Dazzler: The Movie?" Anyone ever read that? I'm suddenly (very mildly) interested.

  • The "CW" should develop a "Deadman" tv series. It could be like "Incredible Hulk" meets "Quantum Leap."

  • Doll Man ran until 1953? He outlived most every other super-hero, almost surviving into the Silver Age? Wowee wow.

  • I always thought those "Elementals Sex Specials" were Bill Willingham's idea, what with "Ironwood" and all. I recently ordered the "Pantheon" trade, and if it holds up, I might ought to go looking for more of Willingham's proper work. UPDATE: SEE *EDITED* IMAGE CREDIT ABOVE. Always trust yer gut, or whatever other organ is applicable.

  • There was a short-lived Fantastic Four radio show in which the Human Torch was voiced by a young Bill Murray. Must make a mental note to read a F4 back issue soon in his voice.

  • I wish the Corman Fantastic Four movie would get a DVD release. I liked it better than the Tim Story blockbuster, mostly because Rebecca Staab was both superfine and well cast as Sue Storm.

  • Fighting American only lasted seven issues, with a single issue "revival," before DC and Awesome tried their hand at the character. All failed. Cleary a greater effort should be afforded to restoring Doll Man and Bulletman-- proven winners!

  • Jay Garrick fought the Thinker, Star Sapphire and Thorn? And Thorn was censored from comics for being too "suggestive?"

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