Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Otherwoman by Franchesco!

While finishing up reading this month's Previews, I found on the very last page (as I was reading it) the last item I intend to order, Contract #0 from A First Salvo. Being only twenty-five cents with art by Dave Ross, it was a given purchase, but made all the more so by the cover. You see, much to my surprise, the piece by Franchesco! just so happened to feature a character bearing a strong resemblence to the my conception of The Otherwoman. Again, this was the failed submission to Shadowline's "Create A Superheroine" contest I've mentioned a time or two. Anyhow, as the actual *mutter*grumble* winner will have their entry drawn and co-owned (HAH!) by Franchesco, I thought I'd do a crappy Microsoft Paint-enabled mock-up of what could have been. The massive rifle isn't completely out of place, but would be more an exception than the rule in my book....

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