Friday, September 11, 2009

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents: Introduction "First Encounter!" (November, 1965)

A team of special United Nations agents parachuted toward a remote mountain location, only to face enemy fire from within the compromised lab of Professor Jennings. The enemy fell back and escaped in a helicopter, leaving the body of Jennings, who "looks like he put up quite a struggle..." An agent cursed, "We shouldn't have let him work alone! The greatest mind in the free world!"

This was clearly the work of the mysterious "Warlord," whose evil forces were active throughout the globe. "We first heard of him two years ago, when an attempt was made to steal the newest atomic engine!" From one of his captured men, they learned Warlord had "recruited every available criminal and spy," and was "out to steal every scientific development he can!" Even within his organization, the Warlord was an enigma to all but his top lieutenants.

The Warlord's men had made off with the professor's inventions, for which no notes were kept and no duplicates could be produced. "They didn't have time to get everything, sir! Look at these!" The prototype models were taken to The Higher United Nations Defense Enforcement Reserves secret headquarters, though even there many could not be deciphered. However, a few were successfully analyzed...

  1. "An electron molecular intensifier belt which will make the wearer's body structure change to the consistency of steel!"
  2. "A light polarizer material which is completely non-reflecting... in effect, an invisibility cloak!"
  3. "A cybernetic helmet... It could be dangerous, but it could amplify a man's brain power many times over..."

More remained to be examined, but for now these three combined could create a "one-man army," but "if he were captured, we'd lose all of them!" Instead, they would "find and train at least three special agents... the best!" After all, "They'll have to be the best to cope with the Warlord!"

...And so the search begins...

This story, originally published in Tower Comics' T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1, was by Len Brown & Wally Wood.

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