Tuesday, September 15, 2009

nurghophonic jukebox: "American Made" by Oak Ridge Boys

Written By: Bob Dipiero & Patrick Joseph McManus ("Pat McManus")
Released: January 1983
Album: American Made
Single?: #1 Billboard Country chart, #72 on U.S. Hot 100 singles.

I've been listening to the repetitive-as-fuck Conservative talk radio hydra Beckrushboity lately, and I think this ancient cornball ditty got stuck in my abused brain as a result of their pimping Freedom Concerts/Corporate Sponsored Redneck Manipulation Benefits. Consider this an attempt at exorcism, and remember that if I were really cruel, I could achieve extraordinary rendition in my comments through the targeted application of "Elvira." Giddy-up (a-oom-bop-a-oom-bop-a-mow-mow!)

Seems everything I buy these days
Has got a foreign name
From the kind of car I drive
To my video game
I got a NIKKON camera
A Sony color Tee Vee
But the one that I love is from the U.S.A.
And standing next to me.

My baby is American Made
Born and bred in the U.S.A.
From her silky long hair to her sexy long legs
My baby is American Made.

She looks good in her tight blue jeans
She bought in Mexico
And she loves wearing French perfume
Everywhere we go
But when it comes to the lovin' part
One thing is true
My baby's genuine U.S.A.

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