Saturday, March 6, 2010

1982 Remco Toys Action Figures Ad

I love seeing that tag about "Available at participating K-Mart stores!" K-Mart was the #1 toy store of my po' barrio boy youth. My grandmother would get her prescriptions filled what seemed like every Saturday while I hit the toy aisle and loitered, determining which inexpensive action figure I'd get to take home. If you couldn't tell by the association, Remcos were pretty low rent. The Sgt. Rock line was totally shit (more on that another time,) but I ended up with most of the Warlord figures, if you can call different heads on the exact same body "individual figures." Only the initial three are illustrated here (I never got Arak for some reason,) but there were at least another quarter dozen (heads/repaints) others. I pulled off and lost the wings on my Travis Morgan's helmet, plus a friend of mine's little brother tried to steal it from me, so narc'd him out to get back (don't recall if successful.) Hercules had this shitty foil-wrapped rope that fell apart, and I didn't even have him that long. He went into a storage unit during a move, which my parents neglected to pay for.

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