Monday, March 1, 2010

1982 Revell Power Lords Ad

Man, was this ad all over the back cover of my comics that year. I think I bought a Lord Adam Power because he reminded me of one of my favorite heroes, Adam Warlock, with his bejeweled brow and big hair. Try as I might to play with him along those lines, I could never quite wrap my brain around his being a beast with no backs, just fronts. It's also hard to treat a guy like a bad ass when he looks like Family Ties patriarch Michael Gross in his human form. I was pretty fanatical about acquiring all-to-rare female figures in my youth, so I also owned Shaya, "The Queen of Power." I knew she also turned into a red-skinned mutant going in, but I think the real deal breaker was that I hadn't realized she was wearing a muskrat wig. I dated a girl who wore a wig. It makes their heads all tacky from sweat. Then and now, not a turn on. Nobody wanted to be Shaya's boyfriend, and she was too scrawny to feel like a legitimate threat (see also the manorexic Adam.) She just kind of loitered in my collection before disappearing one day without being immediately noticed for, like, actually, I think I just now realized she was ever lost. Adam Power played at the periphery of my collection for years before something happened to him. Again, I don't recall what. Yard sale? I just know I don't have him anymore.

As for the rest, they were too weird and funky looking for my taste. I never even dug them out of the discount bin, which for me is saying something. Did anybody ever love the Power Lords?


mathematicscore said...

I would venture a guess, no.

wiec? said...

i had the Brown guy on the far left. he was an odd size. too big for Joes and Kenner Star Wars battles and too weird even for He-Man. I bought him out of the cut out bin at Kaybee Toys though for the Nice Price of 50 cents.

i think a few years later i smashed him with a bat in the driveway one boring dreary sunday afternoon.

Diabolu Frank said...

That hinged jaw was begging to get removed most brutally.


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