Monday, March 22, 2010

1983 Superman Peanut Butter Action Comics #1 Reprint Ad

I never had much luck with mail away items as a kid (Fuck you, thieving Get Along Gang!,) and I rarely saw Superman brand peanut butter on store shelves, so this is pretty much just a nice ad to me. I do still have a bit to shit copy of the Superman #1 Treasury Edition I bought at a Gemco around 1983. Now that was a badass Superman, before he haunted the local grocers with his bullshit off-brand PB!


Nicholas Ahlhelm said...

I made the mistake of begging my mom for Superman peanut butter as a kid, only to learn it tasted like a$$.

Worst PB ever.

Diabolu Frank said...

Mystery solved! Thank you for taking that bullet! :)


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