Thursday, September 4, 2008

1987 Watchmen RPG Module Front & Back Covers

Back when I was GMing DC Heroes Role Playing campaigns in the late 90's, I ordered a bulk package of old Mayfare Games sourcebooks and modules. I still have a number of them around the house, but sold off my Watchmen Sourcebook cheap at my shop. They weren't "really" DC characters, and I've never been a big Watchmen devotee. I think it's going for a hunnerd-somethin' today. Eh, comics are cyclical, and the Sourcebook was near worthless at the time.

Last year, I was buying a bunch of comics for myself and Toys For Tots during Bedrock City Comic Company's annual Halloween sale. I found boxes of old magazines at one location (I hit several) and found this Watchmen module marked $10.00. However, it was in the all-for-a-dollar section, so it was on sale for $0.50. I figured, why not pick it up.

Module 227 is currently up at Amazon for $107.00. Too bad I'll probably just stick it back in the closet. Also, I left it lying around after scanning the cover,and after 21 years in pristine condition, it's now got a nasty ding on the back of the cardstock cover. You won't see it in the scan, because, you know... Eh, comics are cyclical. Give it five years to become worthless again.

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