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Twilight Book III of III (1990)

Prologue: Homer Glint argued nature vs. nurture with his seeing-eye cat F'tatatita, who refused to stop denying its feral nature by stalking lizards and birds.

Space Cabby: A tubby, smarmy, sweaty, cigar-smoking ethnic type who tried to run up Star Hawkins' meter, and made the mistake of assuming his robot Ilda was also his lover. The thought revolted Hawkins.

Star Hawkins: "Poor Ilda-- a Greek heroine in full metal dress... stuck on a bastard nobody could ever mistake for a hero..." She joined Hawkins on the planet Jerkwater 18, in search of Jon Starker and in anticipation of Tommy Tomorrow's arrival.

Tommy Tomorrow: "What Jerkwater 18 was... was a cesspool... collecting the assorted dregs... A toilet for the indiscriminate lowlife and biogenetic misfits... In other words, the perfect breeding ground... for the Sound of Thunder Wonder Show." The deified Tommy temporarily appeared as miles high, nude, and gold-skinned. He called the people of Jerkwater 18 the "Heartland" and "Tomorrow People," demanding they help carve up the remaining Karelists and unify in praising him. Also launched a homecoming parade/nuclear strike on the Chinese.

Knights of the Galaxy: The former Planeteer and Knight Brent Wood took personal responsibility for the death of Karel, which drove him mad. Homer Glint kept him sedated so that he wouldn't hurt himself.

Star Rovers: Homer Glint led the surviving Karelists in hiding. He noted Brenda Tomorrow also felt guilt in Karel's demise, manifest in her search for the Methuseloid mother race.

Space Cabby: Took part in seeing-eye cockfighting.

Manhunter 2070: Jon Starker was sleeping through a bender in the stands. Starker awoke under the mistaken impression he was back assisting suicides, and shot a gamecock dead. Participants were out for his blood.

Star Hawkins: Rescued his brother and hauled him into another Space Cab. Tolerated Jon's drunken pawing at Ilda.

Star Rovers: Homer Glint captured by Tommy Tomorrow's forces. Most of his fellows slaughtered. Tommy Tomorrow wanted to bring him on to write his bible.

Manhunter 2070: "Poor Jon Starker... All eternity ever did for Jon Starker... was give him more time to lie in the gutter." Had his system flushed out by his brother, who wanted to use him to assassinate Tommy Tomorrow. This would mean going bio-mechanical to get close. "Why in hell should I want to be part of any machine-- or be melded with a ro-- ah... hmmm... yes... well... I'll do it... on one condition... that I meld with Ilda... body and soul"

Star Hawkins: "EEEUUWW!" Hawkins had to convince Ilda, stroking her neck and explaining the melding would make her like family, as she carried his brother's essence. Ilda swooned. "...Hawkins was a loathsome slug who found himself on the side of right... only by accident..."

Tommy Tomorrow: Hot to find a "consort" and have his image refined by Homer Glint. "Spare me... you've either accidentally incinerated them when you ejaculated-- or you've simply murdered them in a fit of pique..."

Space Museum: The Ilda-Starker meld paid the Space Cabby extra to drop it off as close as possible to where Tommy Tomorrow's big rally would be taking place.

Knights of the Galaxy: Brent Wood was also in attendance, and was spotted by Brenda, who in his deluded state he imagined as Karel. Brenda enlisted him for a second assassination plot.

Manhunter 2070: A riot cop tried to push Starker-Ilda behind a set perimeter. "I know how important it can be for you fanatics to get close to the Eminence... even you freaks he's never going to let in the Kingdom... but rules are rules-- no two ways about it..." Manhunter punched his crotch out.

Tommy Tomorrow: Preached before the masses, Homer Glint and the spirit of Karel in tow. It seems her consciousness came with her power, allowing Karel to manipulate Tommy from the great beyond. Karel drove Tommy to tear his own eyes out.

Manhunter 2070: Tried to capitalize on Tommy's distraction, but was torn in half for the trouble.

Knights of the Galaxy: Brent Wood tried to capitalize on Tommy's other distraction, but was blasted dead for the trouble.

Manhunter 2070: Capitalized on Tommy's other other distraction, shooting him in the chest.

Tommy Tomorrow: Forced by Karel to allow Manhunter's blast through his defenses, killing him.

Star Rovers: "Most of the crowd had fled the scene when the fur started flying... suddenly, the few that remained joined voices in unison... singing the first verse of Karel's favorite hymn..." Glint was escorted away by his only real friends, Brenda and F'tatatita.

Epilogue: For months, a hailstorm of metal appeared on every known world, from when all of Tommy's space vessels spontaneously disintegrated in orbit. Homer married Brenda, who died at some point thereafter, alluding to a sequel that never came into being. The aging process was reinstated. Homer Glint was an old man with a talking cat, and "if someone had told me the collapse of civilization was the middle of the story, and not the end-- I'd've gotten off right there."

Twilight: Howard Chaykin - Writer. José Luis García-López - Artist. Steve Oliff - Color Artist. Ken Bruzenak - Letterer. Andy Helfer - Editor.

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