Saturday, September 27, 2008

ReVampirella Rejected!

A few weeks back, I posted my submission for the Project Rooftop/Harris Comics: Vampirella ReVamp Contest. Now, I had some sour grapes when my entry to Shadowline's "WHO WANTS TO CREATE A SUPER-HERONIE" (sic) competition failed to pass muster.This was mainly due to my having little-to-no desire to read books others suggested. At least one of those has been so solicited. Didn't order it. Phooey.

Anyhow, no such issues with Vampirella. I waited until literally hours before the end of the contest to get started, and hacked mine out. What I came up with was far removed from the general notion I had regarding a more Barbarella-flavored approach. The art style I used wasn't right for what I wanted to accomplish, and the execution was sloppy. My drawing was too dark and grim where, with a time machine, I'd shoot for playful. My effort was piss poor, and didn't rate mention beyond this blog.

Meanwhile, Grand Prize winner Ralph Niese had a much more fun approach, reminiscent of the early days of the 60's "mod" Wonder Woman era where she had no single uniform, but a definite vibe. I haven't bought a Vampirella comic book since the Morrison/Millar/Connor team of what, the late 90's? For Niese, I'd have to throw down for a trade paperback, at least. My only complaint is I hate the feral form, but solely on principle, not execution. I don't like Vampi drinking human blood, either, so that's all personal preference, not a market liability.

Anyhow, 18 runner-ups can be found at Project Rooftop. I admittedly like some better than others, but every single one was superior in art and coloring to mine. I must say though, I'm shocked not a one came close to my initial idea for this project: Tatted-Up Suicide Girl Vampi. It seemed so obvious, I immediately steered clear of it on the assumption there'd be dozens offered. Maybe there were and they were cancelled each other out?

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