Monday, September 8, 2008


Contest Announcement: Vampirella ReVamp!

Project Rooftop announced a contest to revamp Vampirella recently, and I of course piddly-farted around until the very last minute. I knocked this out in two hours, with the end result far removed from what I had in mind when I started. I initially wanted something close to Barbarella, the French science-fantasy comic strip and Jane Fonda movie that inspired Vampi's creation in the '60s. I never quite understood the logic of making Vampi more generic by removing her sci-fi origins in favor of her being just another blood-sucking vampire from Hell. Oh well, maybe next time. Certainly I'll try a more clean style next time, as when I tried to color this in Paint, it actually looked worse than it does here (after I broke out the map pencils double quick.) Given my druthers, I'd start from scratch, but no time for that now. Deadline is up either right now, a half hour ago, or an hour 1/2 ahead (damned time zones.) This explains my late post this evening. Now you know why I write more than I draw, eh? But at least the poor dear has something resembling clothing on. Shame about the damned trenchcoat, but I realized I was subconsciously ripping off Milla Jovovich's half-jacket in "Ultraviolet" while referencing an actual still for the drawing. D'oh! Additional reference included a picture of a lovely black model named Yasmine Taylor from the Summer 1999 issue of "Perfect 10" magazine (the first I picked up and tossed through for a pose,) several pictues of the actress Mathilda May, and a lot of Vampi pieces. Proof positive plentiful reference will never replace actual talent, damn it!

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